Who Gets Awards?

Following are excerpts from actual 1994-95 Distinguished Service Award nomination letters. The first describes efforts by an individual employee and the second by a team of employees from different personnel programs.

Nate Carroll, Student Life Advising Services, Undergraduate Affairs

Through a unique partnership established in 1992 between Berkeley and the San Francisco Unified School District, the Student Life Advising Services Awards program was designed to motivate highly achieving, economically disadvantaged high school students and to provide the nurturing that would allow them to fully realize their potential.

This year Nate has spent many private hours in the evening and on weekends working with the award recipients; he has counseled them not only on their academic requirements but also on life and family issues.

These are all first generation college students who have overcome great adversity. It is because of the highly personal attention provided by Nate that the students have done so well. There has been 100 percent retention over the three-year span of the program, which can be largely attributed to Nate's personalized guidance and intervention.


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