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 In the Nov. 6 Berkeleyan, page 2, a part of the final paragraph of an article on the Academic Senate meeting was omitted.

It should read "Atkinson outlined seven goals and initiatives for the university in coming years, including increasing quality of instruction; maintaining diversity of student body; re-establishing in the public mind the critical role the university plays in research programs; more K-12 outreach; advancing a university digital "cyberlibrary"; playing a more pro-active role in extended education; and restructuring the university's business practices."

Also on page 2, in the article on Berkeley's Washington Program, Sarah Kelsey's phone number should be 642-9102.

In the page 8 news brief on "Labor in the Americas," cosponsors were omitted for the Nov. 20 afternoon seminar "Organizing, Labor, and Immigration in the Americas." The Center for Labor Research, Institute for Industrial Relations; the Center for Latin American Studies; the Institute of International Studies; International and Area Studies; and the Department of Sociology are cosponsors.

Speakers include Dolores Huerta, secretary-treasurer of the United Farm Workers Union, and Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, an independent Congressman in Mexico who is influential in labor politics in the Americas.


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