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Chevron Mega Tanker Chang-Lin Tien to Ply the Seas

Posted February 2, 2000

First an asteroid, now an oil tanker.

University Professor and former Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien has been honored again, this time with his name on one of the world's largest oil tankers.

Two months ago, Chinese astronomers named a recently discovered asteroid after Tien. Tienchanglin, the asteroid, now has an earthly cousin in the M/T Chang-Lin Tien, the Chevron Corporation's newest mega oil tanker.

Chevron will honor Tien with a Feb. 9 naming ceremony in the seas off Koje, Korea. Guests from around the world, including three generations of the Tien family, will attend the event, which is sponsored by Di-hwa Tien, his wife.

Having an oil tanker as a namesake is very exciting, says Tien not so much for the honor bestowed on him as the chance to see the tanker. Weighing in at more than 300,000 tons and stretching longer than three football fields, it is one of the most modern not to mention largest in the world. In fact, it is so enormous that it can't be brought into the San Francisco harbor, Tien said.

For the naming ceremony in Korea, the ship will be docked offshore, and the crew will be flown in by helicopter. So will the guests.

"We'll all love to fly out to the party in helicopters," he said.

The 350,000 cubic meter-capacity ship was named for Tien in honor of his service on Chevron's board of directors. Tien was named to that board in 1997. Board members are regularly bestowed this honor, said a Chevron spokesman.


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