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Strategic Planning for a New Century

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Need a Career Change? Internships Chart New Courses

Is it Time for Melvyl to Retire?

Campus Seeks Faculty Director for Professional Development Program

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Photo of the Week: Miniature Mine Detector

Photo: Amy Tong

And you thought conventional cockroaches were hard to kill. Amy Tong, a mechanical engineering senior, displays a robotic cockroach she created with fellow students Jackson Yip, David Zhang and Miki Yamada. This miniature walking robot, designed to sweep for land mines, is equipped with two tiny motors and the ability to maneuver turns. The robot was built as a class project for Professor Hami Kazerooni's Smart Machines and Products class. While not every invention may be patent-worthy, the class "allowed students to become familiar with the process of product development," said Kazerooni. "They went from paper-and-pencil sketches to final products in just four months." Peg Skorpinski photo.


February 9 - 15, 2000 (Volume 28, Number 21)
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