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08 May 2002 |

Video tribute to distinguished teachers available online
For a view of some of the campusís finest teachers in action, see the video tribute to the winners of this yearís Distinguished Teaching Award at

Produced by Tom Hutcheson of Educational Technology Services, the video was first presented at the April 30 ceremony honoring this yearís recipients. The slide show is narrated, with remarks from students, colleagues, and the five faculty honorees themselves.

Prison industries can boost local economies, researcher finds
According to a new report by Berkeley economist George Goldman of the College of Natural Resources, the products and services provided by state prisoners benefited Californians in fiscal year 1997-98 to the tune of $151 million in direct sales, leading to spin-off effects of $230.1 million in total sales.

For a full version of this research story, see

A caption about tele-actor tours, appearing in the April 25 issue of the Berkeleyan, incorrectly stated that tele-actor Annamarie Ho was photographed in the Microfabrication Lab. She was conducting the tour from Chemistry Professor Dirk Traunerís chemistry laboratory.


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