Transit and parking options expanded for faculty, staff
Changes include new pre-tax options, bicycle lockers, reduced rates for campus carpoolers

By D. Lyn Hunter, Public Affairs

05 June 2002 | Even though it’s a 15-mile trip from his El Sobrante home, Greg Haet, an Environment, Health & Safety specialist, likes to ride his bike to work. But two-wheeling it doesn’t always fit his schedule, so he must drive to work once or twice a week.

“The parking office has daily permits, but you only get 16 per year,” Haet said of the limited choices available to commuters like himself. “So for the last three years, I’ve had to purchase an expensive annual pass.”

But recent improvements to the campus’s parking and transit programs will take some of the sting out of Haet’s commute.
Under a new plan, staff and faculty who use alternative means to get to work can get up to 48 days of parking each year, for only $4 a day.

This option is open to all participants in the New Directions program, including carpoolers, transit subsidy participants, transit pre-tax participants, vanpoolers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

“When I heard about it, I switched over immediately,” said Haet. “It was such a great feeling to give up that $70-a-month parking pass.”

This new option is one of several initiatives designed to make alternative modes of transportation more appealing, convenient and less expensive for the campus community.
Other changes slated to take effect on July 1 include the following:

• More pre-tax transit options through as many as 20 different transit-ticket packages, as well as through customized combinations. Participants can also use a $10-per-month subsidy towards the purchase of tickets. Currently, the program features just five transit ticket combinations and no subsidy.

• More publicity about the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides commute-alternative users up to six rides home each year in the event of a personal emergency. The service currently is available, but fewer than 100 of 12,000 eligible employees are enrolled.

• A pilot plan, in development, to provide a bicycle locker and shower program at campus recreation facilities. By mid-year, it is hoped that secure bike parking will be available near these facilities. The program also may include valet bike parking at home football games and special events, and installation of a web or security camera in select campus areas to try to reduce bicycle thefts.

• Reduced rates for two-person carpool permits, which will cost each carpooler $19 a month for “F” parking-lot slots and $27 a month for central-campus slots. That compares to current rates of $29 per month for the F parking lots immediately adjacent to campus and $44 per month for central campus lots.

• Free “Central” and “F” parking permits for carpools serving three or more people, with a $36 annual transportation fee. Currently, carpools for three or more people cost each person $8 to $10 a month, plus the $36 annual fee. All carpoolers can take advantage of reserved parking spaces throughout the campus.

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