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15 August 2002 |

To the Editor:

I am writing to share some additional information about the Workplace Success Department Recognition Ceremony covered in the July 11 issue of the Berkeleyan. In addition to the departments you highlighted (the College of Chemistry, Campus Supply, University Relations, Office of Lab Animal Care, and the Library), a number of others were also honored as innovators: Capital Projects, the Office of Student Life, Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Affairs, University Health Services, Clark Kerr Campus Custodial Services, the Financial Aid Office, the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, the Chancellor’s Office, the College of Engineering, and the office of the Vice Chancellor–BAS.

The recognition ceremony celebrated not only programs that support a diverse workforce but those that make great strides toward the University becoming a preferred Bay Area workplace. The practices honored include orientation and initiation programs, training and development schemes, annual-review processes, and employee recognition activities.

I am especially proud of the programs in Capital Programs that were recognized. My staff has developed and implemented integrated programs for performance evaluation and staff training and development that are already recognized as models across the campus.

I believe that the most significant and lasting contribution of all of the Workplace Success Programs is their creation of a “best practices” resource for the campus. For information, phone the Staff Equity and Diversity Services office at 642-5002, or see

Edward Denton
Vice Chancellor, Capital Projects


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