On the air with the Chancellor

04 September 2002 | “There are so many interesting people who are part of the Berkeley community,” says Chancellor Robert Berdahl, “that I learn something new in every conversation.”

Starting Sept. 12, the campus is invited to listen in on a series of conversations between the Chancellor and members of the Berkeley community in a new radio-style talk show debuting on the campus website. For the monthly show, called “Bear in Mind,” Berdahl interviews faculty, staff, students, and visitors about current events, their areas of expertise, personal experiences, and more.

In the first installment, the Chancellor is at the mike for a series of four interviews. Incoming freshmen Oscar Armijo and Maria Mejia offer their perspectives on what it’s like to be brand new on campus. Former congressman Tom Campbell, the new dean of the Haas School of Business, weighs in on instilling ethics in business leaders. Professor of Earth and Planetary Science Walter Alvarez reveals what we can learn from ancient rocks. And two student leaders — Graduate Assembly President Jessica Quindel and ASUC President Jesse Gabriel — outline their agendas for the year and discuss how they plan to work together.

Check the campus home page,, on Sept. 12 for a prominent link to “Bear in Mind.”


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