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Cindy Manly-Fields, left, and Marie Mayne each received an Outstanding Staff Award from Chancellor Berdahl at a ceremony on Monday. They were honored for their outreach efforts at the Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students.
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30 October 2002 | Sixty staff members who went above and beyond the call of duty to improve life on campus were honored with Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards on Monday, Oct. 28 at an afternoon celebration in Alumni House.

Chancellor Berdahl, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Gray, and Vice Chancellor – Business and Administrative Services Horace Mitchell presided over the event, reading excerpts from each winner’s nomination letter, then presenting the honorees with a wooden bear sculpture and a framed certificate. Recipients also had their photos taken with the chancellor.

“The work of these staffers is so inspiring,” said Berdahl. “Their creative and innovative contributions exemplify the best of what this university is.”

“This is a wonderful occasion to pause and reflect on the excellence of not just the winners but of all our staff,” said Gray. “We owe the success of Berkeley to them.”

Selection of outstanding staff is based on their contributions to student services, customer relations, operational effectiveness, community service, or mentoring. Awards are given to those who serve as role models in the workplace, contribute to the campus and community at large, and consistently perform their job at an outstanding level.

Winners were culled from 97 individual and 31 team nominations, submitted by supervisors, co-workers, students, and outside agencies.

Individual Awards

Laura Abrams
Barbara Alonso
Stephen Andrews
Natalie Buford
Carol Dolcini
Karen Eft
Marie Felde
Judith Finn
George Griffeth
Ronald Gross
Carolyn Hayes
Carolyn Hughes
Sharon Ikami
Helen Johnson
Frances Katsuura
Sandra Ketchpel
Jennifer Kirkman
Alberto Ledesma
Fabrizio Mejia
Susan Meux
Carol Page
Andrew Park
Jeanene Pinto
Michele Rabin
Miho Rahm
Lelit Seblega
Jennifer Selke
Mary Slakey
Caroline Summer
Peter Thuesen

Team Awards

Career Development Opportunity Program
Jarralyn Agree
Margaret Baker
Sally Bellows
Alan DeHerrera
Inette Dishler
Faye Fields
Ann Jeffrey
Pat Lavelle
Suzanne Pierce
Kathleen Satz

EH&S New Graduate Student Training
Leifa Butrick
Phil Maynard
Tim Pine
Heather Randol
Aaron Wilber

Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students
Cindy Manly-Fields
Marie Mayne

Classroom Renovation & Instructional Technology Upgrade
Richard Bloom
Eric Ellisen
Brenda Farmer
George Heuga
Dan Koepke
LaVern Lazzereschi
Ruben Mejia

Enhanced Emergency Loan Program
Barbara Brice
Rachelle Feldman
Susan Gerber
Kimberly Longwell
Sheila Sykes
Susan Williams


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