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2017 Presidential Inauguration

Below is a short list of who to turn to for stories relating to the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration and related subjects. It is not necessary for reporting on long-term aspects of, or responses to, a Trump presidency.

Lowell Bergman is an award-winning investigative journalist who holds the Reva and David Logan Distinguished Chair in Investigative Journalism. The media became the target of frequent criticism and mockery during Donald Trump’s campaign and tensions between the two have only intensified, amid concerns about fake news and publication of unverified allegations.

Contact: (510) 643-1332 or lowellbergman@berkeley.edu

Henry Brady is a professor of political science and of public policy, dean of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Public Policy, and coauthor of several books, including “The Unheavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice and the Broken Promise of American Democracy.”

Contact: (510) 642-56511 or gsppdean@berkeley.edu

Clair Brown is an emeritus professor of economics and author of the forthcoming book, “Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science,” which features a holistic economic approach where the economy delivers a high quality of life in a sustainable world.  Brown has been considering potential impacts of Trump economic policies.

Contact: cbrown@econ.berkeley.edu or clairbrown@gmail.com

M. Steven Fish is a professor of political science and expert on Russia, Eurasia and political regimes. Fish is scheduled to teach a course this summer on contemporary Russian politics and society.

Contact: (510) 643-1943 or sfish@berkeley.edu

Jack Glaser, professor of public policy who specializes in political and social psychology, hate crime, stereotyping, racial profiling, prejudice and discrimination. The author of “Suspect Race: The Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling,” he is available to discuss policing. He will be unavailable on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Contact: (510) 642-3047 or jackglaser@berkeley.edu

Ben Handel, a health economist and assistant professor, is available to talk about the Affordable Care Act and the future of health care for Americans. His research focuses on health insurance markets, decision-making under uncertainty, and the provision of health care.

Contact: (510) 643-0708 or handel@berkeley.edu

David Henkin is a professor of American history interested in topics such as Trump and Andrew Jackson, the origins of party politics, identity politics and presidential elections, as well as the Electoral College.

Contact: (510) 642-2324 or marhevka@berkeley.edu

Ken Light, the Reva and David Logan Professor of Photojournalism at the Graduate School of Journalism, will be working as a credentialed journalist covering the inauguration in Washington, D.C., and related marches. As a freelance documentary photographer for 40 years, Light has focused on social issues in America.

Contact: kenlight@berkeley.edu

Melissa Murray is the interim dean and Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law at Berkeley Law and is available to discuss the major shifts she foresees in how Americans will structure their intimate lives due to a Trump presidency.

Contact: (510) 643-6127 or mmurray@law.berkeley.edu

T.J. Pempel, a professor of political science and expert on Asian regionalism and political economy. He wrote a piece for the Berkeley Blog, “President Trump? Asia should worry” about what a Trump presidency could mean for Asia. Pempel is teaching a course on international relations in East Asia.

Contact: (510) 642-4688 or pempel@berkeley.edu

Daniel Sargent is an associate professor of history who is available to discuss the consequences of the Trump presidency on American foreign policy. He is teaching a course this semester on making U.S. foreign policy. Sargent also is coauthor of a book in progress,” Global America,” and of “A Superpower Transformed,” about the remaking of U.S. foreign relations in the 1970s.

Contact: (510) 643-3159 or daniel.sargent@berkeley.edu

Harley Shaiken, is an authority on globalization and head of UC Berkeley’s Center for Latin American Studies. A professor of education and geography, Shaiken can discuss economics, globalization and trade, Mexico, Latin America and infrastructure.

Contact: (510) 847-2831 or hshaiken@berkeley.edu

Chris Zepeda-Millan is an assistant professor and chair of UC Berkeley’s Center for Research for Social Change. His areas of expertise include immigration, race and ethnic politics, and social movements.

Contact: (510) 643-0796 or czm@berkeley.edu

For experts on other issues, check our experts’ page. A beat list for UC Berkeley Media Relations is online. Read the latest campus news on Berkeley News, Facebook or Twitter. See what’s on our experts’ minds by reading The Berkeley Blog.

Broadcast media should contact Roxanne Makasdjian at (510) 642-6051 or roxannem@berkeley.edu.

To book a studio for radio, or live or taped TV transmissions, contact Jim Richards at the Graduate School of Journalism at (510) 643-7927 (studio) or jim.richards@berkeley.edu.