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Campus reaction to Daniel McFadden winning the Nobel Prize

"We were fast asleep when the phone rang. When I picked it up and the person said they were calling from Sweden, I knew this was big. I handed the phone right to Dan and heard him very modestly say 'Oh my gosh, really...that's very nice.' I wasn't nearly so calm, I jumped up and down on the bed with exuberance. Things have continued non-stop since then, with phone calls and reporters traipsing through the house. I contacted the kids and my one son said he saw the news on Yahoo's Web site. I feel like one big grin. I know we'll have a hectic year ahead of us, but right now, I'm just so happy."

-- Beverlee Simboli McFadden, wife of Dan McFadden

"He's such a nice person and makes you feel like what you're doing is important. And his impact on the field of economics is so impressive. In practically every research paper I read, you see all kinds of references to Dan's work. He's changed the way empirical economics is done. I'm so honored that he likes the work that I'm doing and he's a true inspiration to me and others in industrial organization."

-- Sofia Berto Villas-Boas, current graduate student

"I figured he would get this award sooner or later. He deserves this prize not only because he is an impressive scholar, but also because he's such a kind and generous teacher who always applauds the contributions of his students. It was very rewarding to work with him."

-- Walter Beckert, former student, now teaching economics at the University of Florida

>>>Daniel L. McFadden wins Nobel Prize in Economics