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      Violent crime was down 20 percent on campus in 1995, following an 18 percent decline in 1994 Violent Crime Down Sharply; Other Crime Up
Violent crime was down 20 percent at Berkeley in 1995 but burglary, theft, and other property crimes were up slightly, accounting for an overall increase of 3 percent in reported crime, according to a report from campus police.

The drop in violent crime comes on the heels of an 18 percent decline the prior year, said Capt. Pat Carroll.

"Violent crime on campus is substantially lower compared to large urban areas around the country," he said.

In all, there were 36 violent crimes reported for the year, down from 45 in 1994 and 55 in 1993. There were no homicides. Aggravated assaults dropped to 10, half the campus's five-year average.

The two rapes reported last year occurred off the main campus and involved women who were not students or otherwise affiliated with the campus. No attempted rapes were reported.

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