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2010 Releases

11 Jan - Three UC Berkeley faculty named AAAS fellows
11 Jan - Wildlife biologists put dogs' scat-sniffing talents to good use
10 Jan - Geoffrey Keppel, scholar of human memory, dies at 75
10 Jan - Possible missing link between young and old galaxies
05 Jan - Advance makes MRI scans more than seven times faster
20 Dec - Scientist's new book will make you an instant physicist (maybe)
19 Dec - Engineers take plasmon lasers out of deep freeze
17 Dec - 2010 Livable Buildings Awards salute UCSF, Kavli projects
17 Dec - WikiLeaks philosophy under a scholarly microscope
16 Dec - First measurement of magnetic field in Earth's core
16 Dec - Emotional intelligence peaks as we enter our 60s, research suggests
15 Dec - Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund streamlines application process
09 Dec - Project will monitor tremor activity beneath San Andreas Fault
08 Dec - Our brains are wired so we can better hear ourselves speak, new study shows
02 Dec - Anthropologist awarded grant to study politics of religious freedom
02 Dec - UC Berkeley releases fall 2010 final enrollment data
02 Dec - Media Advisory: Workshop to examine coming "nuclear renaissance"
01 Dec - Minimum wage hikes don’t eliminate jobs, study finds
25 Nov - Investments in rural energy efficiency, renewable energy reduce poverty, greenhouse gas emissions
24 Nov - Jet lagged and forgetful? It's no coincidence
24 Nov - Jupiter gets its stripe back
22 Nov - New Southside joint safety patrol already a success
18 Nov - White House awards Alexandre Bayen with early career award
17 Nov - Antihydrogen trapped for first time
16 Nov - Dire messages about global warming can backfire, new study shows
15 Nov - IRLE's conference on "New Deal/No Deal?"
15 Nov - Twain autobiography – the way he wanted it – hits stores today
10 Nov - Fab Four headline at North Gate
10 Nov - $1 million grant to steer undergraduates into research
09 Nov - Jillian Banfield to receive Franklin Medal, L'Oreal-UNESCO award
05 Nov - Novel metamaterial vastly improves quality of ultrasound imaging
05 Nov - UC Berkeley students help improve Wikipedia’s credibility
04 Nov - Charles Desoer, professor emeritus of electrical engineering and computer sciences, dies at 84
04 Nov - Neutron stars may be too weak to power some gamma-ray bursts
03 Nov - Phantom images stored in flexible network throughout brain
02 Nov - Susanna Barrows, scholar of modern French history, dies at 65
02 Nov - Grant launches Berkeley Economic History Lab
28 Oct - Study says solar systems like ours may be common
27 Oct - Out of THEMIS, ARTEMIS: Earth's loss is moon's gain
20 Oct - Researchers advocate teacher training, mentoring to boost preschool results
19 Oct - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley introduces its first Math for America fellows
19 Oct - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley to join national celebration of science and engineering
18 Oct - Researchers examine California public, private workers’ pay, total compensation
18 Oct - Flight delays cost $32.9 billion, passengers foot half the bill
14 Oct - Media Advisory: Policy brief analyzes California's state and local workers' wages, benefits
14 Oct - Scientists find signals that make cell nucleus blow up like a balloon
13 Oct - Campus hosts election events
13 Oct - "Mad Men" explored in new UC Berkeley course
08 Oct - Campus to celebrate grand opening of Blum Hall today at 2 p.m.
07 Oct - NASA mission asks why Mars has no atmosphere
06 Oct - Media Advisory: Panel to feature personal stories from the genetic frontier
06 Oct - Media Advisory: William Perry guest at “Nuclear Tipping Point” screening
06 Oct - Media Advisory: Tea Party conference Oct. 22
05 Oct - Air pollution alters immune function, worsens asthma symptoms
04 Oct - Media Advisory: Campus celebrates opening of Richard C. Blum Hall
04 Oct - X-rays linked to increased childhood leukemia risk
30 Sep - Three UC Berkeley researchers receive NIH "innovator" awards
30 Sep - Women who get dental care have lower risk of heart disease, says study
28 Sep - Chancellor announces new plan for Cal Athletics' future
28 Sep - National Research Council ranks UC Berkeley's Ph.D. programs among nation's best
28 Sep - Two young faculty members named MacArthur "genius" fellows
27 Sep - Right or left? Brain stimulation can change the hand you favor
27 Sep - Fungal spores travel farther by surfing their own wind
23 Sep - Anthropologist Burton Benedict dies at age 87
23 Sep - High pressure experiments reproduce mineral structures 1,800 miles deep
22 Sep - Media Advisory: Forum on teachers and making the grade
20 Sep - For neurons to work as a team, it helps to have a beat
20 Sep - Mathematicians awarded prizes for work on fluid mechanics, interface dynamics
17 Sep - Father absence linked to earlier puberty among certain girls
16 Sep - Alzheimer's drug boosts perceptual learning in healthy adults
15 Sep - Tiny foraminifera shells can help assess recovery after oil spill
14 Sep - Expert forum to explore implications of grading teachers
13 Sep - Media Advisory: "California's Next Governor: What Should the Agenda Be?"
13 Sep - Energy experts convene Oct. 1-2 to discuss pathways to a sustainable energy future
12 Sep - Engineers make artificial skin out of nanowires
10 Sep - Amateur astronomers track asteroids as they impact Jupiter
10 Sep - Amateur astronomers track asteroids as they impact Jupiter
09 Sep - Researchers expand yeast's sugary diet to include plant fiber
08 Sep - "Appalachian Portfolio, 1959-1963" on exhibit at North Gate Hall
02 Sep - Bancroft Library opens reading room to personal cameras
31 Aug - Bancroft Library opens Mexico exhibit
26 Aug - NSF funds interdisciplinary team's grey water disinfection plan
26 Aug - Hopeful outlook for new academic year
25 Aug - Sunlight spawns many binary and "divorced" binary asteroids
25 Aug - North American continent is a layer cake, scientists discover
24 Aug - Campus, city police form joint safety patrol
23 Aug - Fall semester offers bounty of free arts programs
19 Aug - Media Advisory: Thousands to move into student housing this weekend
19 Aug - Media Advisory: Chancellor to give back-to-school press briefing next Thursday, 8/26
19 Aug - Prenatal pesticide exposure linked to attention problems in preschool-aged children
13 Aug - Einstein@Home's pulsar discovery proves value of volunteer computing
12 Aug - UC Berkeley alters DNA testing program
05 Aug - Frog evolution tracks rise of Himalayas and rearrangement of Southeast Asia
04 Aug - Genome of ancient sponge reveals origins of first animals, cancer
03 Aug - Researchers document human toll of violence in Central African Republic
02 Aug - Architecture professor and activist Kenneth Simmons dies at 77
29 Jul - Graphene exhibits bizarre new behavior well-suited to electronic devices
29 Jul - World-renowned astronomer Donald C. Backer dies at age 66
23 Jul - Chancellor Funds 15 Campus – Community Partnerships
18 Jul - Cash rewards and counseling could help prevent STIs in rural Africa
16 Jul - Philip Frickey, leading scholar in federal Indian law, dies at 57
15 Jul - UC Berkeley psychologists bring science of happiness to China
15 Jul - Eminent statistician David Blackwell has died at 91
14 Jul - Path-breaking anthropologist George De Vos dies at 87
08 Jul - Coral tests show fast construction pace for Polynesian temples
01 Jul - Tibetans adapted to high altitude in less than 3,000 years
01 Jul - Labor Center launches monthly black jobs report
01 Jul - California high-speed rail ridership forecase not reliable, study finds
24 Jun - Experiment tests underpinnings of quantum field theory, Bose-Einstein statistics of photons
24 Jun - Media Advisory: Astronomy meets gastronomy for local Girl Scouts
23 Jun - BAM/PFA selects Diller Scofidio + Renfro to design new building
21 Jun - Exposure to flame retardants linked to changes in thyroid hormones
21 Jun - Historic treasure of Jewish life and culture gifted to UC Berkeley
18 Jun - Botanical Garden braces for blooming corpse plant
16 Jun - Philip Selznick, leading scholar in sociology and law, dies at 91
04 Jun - Climate change leading to major vegetation shifts around the world
02 Jun - UC Berkeley chemist, biologist, entrepreneur awarded $500,000 Lemelson–MIT Prize
01 Jun - New gecko species identified in West African rain forests
27 May - New bacterial signaling molecule could lead to improved vaccines
27 May - Study finds governor’s budget would cost jobs, economic output
26 May - IGS goes Web 2.0 with information resource on state propositions
24 May - STEREO, SOHO spacecraft catch comet diving into sun
24 May - Enrollment in summer school projected to be the highest ever
20 May - Preventing cells from getting the kinks out of DNA
20 May - Media Advisory: Engineers subject new bridge design to earthquake test
20 May - Grove gift launches translational medicine program at UCSF, UC Berkeley
19 May - The Bancroft Library accepts gift of William Saroyan archives
19 May - Possible new class of supernovae puts calcium in your bones
14 May - Media Advisory: Commencement Convocation to take place this Sunday
12 May - Painter, printmaker Karl Kasten dies at age 94
11 May - Array of speakers to address graduating students
10 May - Gates foundation awards $100,000 grants for novel global health research
10 May - Top graduating senior's life trajectory is amazing
05 May - Biotech incubator opens its doors at UC Berkeley
04 May - UC Berkeley launches new master’s program in sustainability, joining global campus network
03 May - Weird, ultra-small microbes turn up in acidic mine drainage
03 May - Media Advisory: May 5 talk on diversifying farming practices in face of climate change
30 Apr - Media Advisory: Organs trafficking conference features films, activist Harry Wu
29 Apr - Scientists report first genome sequence of frog
27 Apr - Three UC Berkeley professors named to National Academy of Sciences
27 Apr - Three architecture firms to submit proposals for new Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
27 Apr - Three architecture firms to submit proposals for new Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
26 Apr - California Assembly committee endorses UC Berkeley statistician's election auditing method
22 Apr - Media Advisory: Michelle Bachelet to speak on campus May 4
22 Apr - Media Advisory: Hearst Museum offers media preview of Egyptian exhibit
22 Apr - Four professors win 2010 Distinguished Teaching Awards
21 Apr - Media Advisory: UC Berkeley, Cal State Long Beach leaders discuss future of California higher education
21 Apr - Janet Adelman, scholar of Shakespeare, psychoanalytic and feminist critic, dies at 69
20 Apr - Can California fix the Delta before disaster strikes?
20 Apr - Uptick in job recruitment could help UC Berkeley grads
15 Apr - Secretary Clinton appoints Dan Kammen first clean energy fellow to Western Hemisphere
14 Apr - For post-boomers, public education is worth more than Social Security and Medicare
14 Apr - More than 12,900 offered admission after competitive application period
08 Apr - Campus, neighborhood association settle stadium dispute
08 Apr - UC Berkeley opens its doors for annual Cal Day extravaganza
07 Apr - Media Advisory: Petris Center Symposium to address impact of Prop 63
05 Apr - Media Advisory: Bill Gates to address UC Berkeley students on "giving back"
02 Apr - Canadian history scholar Thomas G. Barnes dies
31 Mar - Media Advisory: Tsinghua Week April 5-7
30 Mar - Giggles give clues to hyena's social status
29 Mar - Media Advisory: Earthquake engineers present findings from Chile recon trip
25 Mar - Insulin-like signal needed to keep stem cells alive in adult brain
23 Mar - Cal Day 2010 to be held Saturday, April 17
22 Mar - Helium rain on Jupiter explains lack of neon in atmosphere
19 Mar - Campus hosts “Tsinghua Week”
17 Mar - Charles Muscatine, Chaucer scholar and educational reformer, dies at 89
15 Mar - Eric Brewer to receive $150,000 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award for scalable Web technology
15 Mar - New Hubble treasury project to survey first third of cosmic time, study dark energy
10 Mar - Study validates general relativity on cosmic scale, existence of dark matter
08 Mar - New collaborations sought for Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund
08 Mar - Engineers deployed to Chile to study earthquake's impacts
05 Mar - Thomas Pigford, influential voice in nuclear policy, dies at 87
04 Mar - Genome sequenced for amoeba that flips into free-swimming cell
02 Mar - Bancroft Library is home to new Shorenstein Program in Politics, Policy and Values
02 Mar - Media Advisory: North American Futures conference March 12-13
01 Mar - Pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs into females
26 Feb - Vandals strike campus building, trouble spills onto city streets
24 Feb - Study says Obama health plan increases access, affordability in California
24 Feb - Black Nature event explores environment for African American voices
23 Feb - Symposium to explore black nature writers
23 Feb - NSF awards $24.5 million for center to stem increase of electronics power draw
22 Feb - An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity
19 Feb - Media Advisory: Feb. 20 lecture on climate change kicks off Science@Cal series
18 Feb - Study finds significant non-union impacts for proposed tax on “Cadillac” health plans
18 Feb - Images of extrasolar planets win award for most outstanding papers in Science
18 Feb - Pioneering initiative launched on equity, diversity and inclusion, backed by Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
17 Feb - Six UC Berkeley faculty elected to NAE
17 Feb - Media Advisory: Clinton to speak on global citizenship
17 Feb - Most precise test yet of Einstein's gravitational redshift
16 Feb - Six young faculty members to receive $50,000 Sloan Research Fellowships
16 Feb - Fog has declined in past century along California's redwood coast
12 Feb - Media Advisory: Vision scientist to address eye strain related to 3-D technology
12 Feb - New fiber nanogenerators could lead to electric clothing
11 Feb - Strongest evidence to date links exploration well to Lusi mud volcano
08 Feb - Auto exhaust linked to thickening of arteries, possible increased risk of heart attack
03 Feb - Top quality graduate students flock to UC Berkeley despite budget woes
02 Feb - Storm runoff and sewage treatment outflow contaminated with household pesticides
29 Jan - Cardenas first in Mexican speaker series
29 Jan - Engineers develop cancer-targeting nanoprobe sensors
27 Jan - Limb regeneration and attosecond research each get $1 million from Keck Foundation
27 Jan - Couples who say "we" have a better shot at resolving conflicts
26 Jan - Media Advisory: Nigeria's Soyinka to speak on campus
26 Jan - Media Advisory: Conference to address climate change response after Copenhagen
26 Jan - Study links reduced fertility to flame retardant exposure
25 Jan - Iain Finnie, pioneer in engineering materials, dies at 81
25 Jan - Media Advisory: Earthquake engineer to present findings after week in Haiti
22 Jan - Positive prospects for California's green businesses, study finds
20 Jan - NSF grant to launch world’s first open-source genetic parts production facility
19 Jan - Media Advisory: Exhibit, talk at Lawrence Hall of Science celebrates laser's 50th birthday
14 Jan - Fall 2010 applications up, officials use new outreach tools
13 Jan - Media Advisory: Green economy conference examines trends, research
11 Jan - Trees invading warming Arctic will cause warming over entire region, study shows