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3/29/00 - File # 15293
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An evening of etiquette lessons for 30 University of California, Berkeley, students. Dressed in formal attire, the students will attend a cocktail party and dinner given by UC Berkeley Executive Chef Jean-Pierre Metivier, who will teach them how to eat and socialize in such settings.

The event promises to be highly visual and entertaining, with the dining room set up like a restaurant, students dressed for an elegant meal, Metivier in his white chef's garb, and a demonstration table adorned with what students might consider a baffling array of chinaware, glassware and utensils.

WHEN: 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 5, 2000.  
WHERE: The Stern Room, Foothill Residence Hall dining commons, UC Berkeley. The residence hall, at 2700 Hearst Ave. at Gayley Road, is on the northeast corner of campus.  

Chef Metivier attended college at West Westminster and Ealing College in London. He also did an apprenticeship at the internationally-famous Dorchester Hotel.

At UC Berkeley, Metivier oversees the preparation of food in all the residence halls and campus restaurants. He helps write the recipes and menus, does quality checks on the meals, gives cooking instruction and enjoys interacting with students.


BACKGROUND: Metivier said he designed this event to supplement UC Berkeley's academic curriculum with a lesson in social skills.

"Students come to the university to get a very great education, but it doesn't help them with the finer things in life," said Metivier. "You have to conduct yourself well with other people. If you don't know which knife and fork to use, it can be embarrassing."

"People do judge you when you sit down at the table," the chef added. "You can be an intelligent person and still not know how to eat properly."


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