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MEDIA ADVISORY: "Seeing the Difference/Seeing Differently"


Contact: Kathleen Maclay
(510) 643-5651

WHAT: "Seeing the Difference/Seeing Differently," an institute exploring what it means to die in America in the 21st century. A goal is to produce video and print guides for training practitioners to work with the dying.  
WHEN: 9:15 a.m.-5 p.m., Thursday and Friday, June 1-2.  
WHERE: The University of California, Berkeley's Townsend Center for the Humanities.  
WHO: Participants will include artists and humanists, health care providers and clinicians from around the country.  

BACKGROUND: "While death may be the vanishing point of medical knowledge and representation, it is also a point of meditation," says Christina Gillis, associate director of the Townsend Center, which is sponsoring the institute. "Neither doctors nor humanists, nor artists or policy-makers can provide all the answers where death is concerned; any inquiry into its cultural, scientific, and perhaps even spiritual contours must be a plural one."

Participants will address questions such as:

  • When is dying?
  • How does one speak the "unspeakable" and talk about time in the dying process?
  • What, and when, is the margin between living and dying?
  • How has technology altered our concepts of death?
  • How do we develop new forms of empathy for those facing imminent death?



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