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MEDIA ADVISORY: "Who Owns the Body?"

Contact: Patricia McBroom
(510) 643-7944

WHAT: "Who Owns the Body?," a three-day international conference at the University of California, Berkeley. It will include discussions on the integrity of the human body - international trafficking in human organs, state-sponsored terrorism and the rights of Native Americans to reclaim the bones of their ancestors. The public conference already is at capacity; keynote event still open.  
WHEN: Sept. 21-23, 2000, with keynote address Sept. 20, 7:30 p.m., in Wheeler Hall.  
WHERE: International House, Bancroft Way and Piedmont Avenue, UC Berkeley.  

Sponsored by UC Berkeley's Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the conference includes scholars and human rights activists from Bosnia, Croatia, South Africa, Argentina and Chile, and Native American groups.

Participants include: Amor Masovic, MP, Bosnia-Herzegovina; forensics expert William Haglund, from Physicians for Human Rights; Walter Echohawk, director of the Native American Rights Fund: and Columbia University professor Karl Kroeber, son of UC Berkeley anthropologist Alfred Kroeber.



-Keynote speaker and clinical professor of psychiatry Judith Lewis Herman, of Harvard Medical School, will say that an international traffic in forced labor, particularly of women and children, rivals in size the market in drugs and armaments.

-More than 4,000 victims have been exhumed from mass graves in Srebrenica, but only 69 have been identified. Who owns the human remains from this atrocity?

- Native Americans and representatives of scientific inquiry will debate claims to Kennewick Man, a 9,500-year-old skeleton found in the Columbia River.

- New information on brain death suggests that transplant organs are being removed from people who are not completely dead.

-Ishi's own voice will be heard speaking and singing in his native Yana language.

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