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CITRIS Receives Strong Endorsement from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

The UC Berkeley-centered CITRIS proposal also is supported strongly by a number of successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and their families, including Dado and Maria Banatao; Pehong and Adele Chen; David Lee, founder and CEO of Silicon Image Inc.; Martin Ross; and Sehat Sutardja and Weili Dai. The Mayfield Fund, a Silicon Valley venture capital partnership, also made a significant financial commitment to the project. This group has committed over $120 million to CITRIS, contingent upon approval and funding of the institute by the State of California.

"I am particularly impressed by the strong interdisciplinary nature of this initiative," said Dr. Pehong Chen, founder and CEO of BroadVision Inc. "When the CITRIS plan is implemented, it will really change the face of engineering education and research, and the potential impact of this work is huge. Adele and I are very pleased to be able to support this important initiative."

"The lifelong and distance learning aspects of the proposed institute were what really brought CITRIS to our attention," said Dado Banatao, founder of Tallwood Venture Capital. "Maria and I both believe very strongly in bringing the strength and values of a Berkeley engineering education to students who would not otherwise have such an opportunity."

"We are extremely excited that UC Berkeley has embarked on a project of the importance and magnitude of CITRIS. We believe that through the success of CITRIS, society in general will benefit from the years of technological advancement that UC Berkeley has achieved in the very specific engineering areas," said Dr. Sehat Sutardja, co-founder, president and CEO of Marvell Technology Group Ltd. "Weili and I are fortunate to have received our higher education at UC Berkeley. We are glad to have the opportunity to support the new generations of very talented researchers and faculty members, who will tackle the new frontier of technology applications to better benefit the human race."

The CITRIS institute also draws strong support from the faculty members themselves, with UC Berkeley professors Eric Brewer and Eugene Wong of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences committing to the project as well.

"The CITRIS project is critical to a number of programs on the Berkeley campus. I am very grateful to all of these strong supporters of the Berkeley College of Engineering and this major, multi-campus initiative," said professor Paul Gray, former dean of the College of Engineering and now executive vice chancellor and provost at UC Berkeley.


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