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UCLink e-mail system returned to service

- The UCLink e-mail system was returned to service as of 11 p.m. Wednesday, March 12.

The system has been thoroughly tested and is operating properly in the sending and receiving of e-mail. However, data corruption problems still exist from the past several days of system problems. Whether or not your mail has been affected by these problems depends upon where in the alphabet your UCLink account name falls and how you manage your e-mail:

  • Mailboxes starting with the letters E-I and P-Z are fully available and unaffected. These accounts have all of their e-mail.
  • Mailboxes starting with the letters A-D and J-O now contain only mail that was queued on the system but not delivered during the down time. New mailboxes were created for these users, and we are working on retrieving mail delivered to the former mailboxes between Thursday night (3/6) and Tuesday night (3/11). Users with a local e-mail client (like most Eudora users) who downloaded mail messages during the sporadic UCLink availability from Thursday night to Tuesday night still have those messages on their local computers. Users who read their mail directly from the server (through BearMail or similar methods) during that period will need to wait for the recovery process to return that mail to their new mailboxes. Older mail will be recovered from backups taken Thursday, March 6. We will update this site when these recoveries are completed.
  • Mail sent to accounts starting with J-O between 6:00 pm Thursday and 10:00 am Friday that was not read or downloaded by the user has been permanently lost. However, these users have already been sent a list of all mail sent to them during that period of time, and can ask the senders to resend their messages.

Students who are concerned that they may have missed deadlines or lost academic material because of the system failure are urged to talk to their instructors to make alternative arrangements.

We are working diligently on the recovery process and will provide an update when we have more information. We appreciate your patience and good will during this difficult time. We understand how critical e-mail is to the conduct of University business. Updates will be available on the NewsCenter and at http://www-uclink.berkeley.edu.

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