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More than 33,000 students are enrolled at UC Berkeley, official fall data show

– More than 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students - including about 3,600 new freshmen - are enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, according to final registration figures released today (Thursday, Dec. 18) by university officials.

The data show a slight dip in enrollment, but numbers generally remain comparable to last year's.

In all, 23,206 undergraduate students and 9,870 graduate students enrolled at UC Berkeley in fall 2003 for a total student population of 33,076 - 69 fewer students than last year.

There are 3,652 new freshmen, three fewer than in fall 2002.

Over the last couple of years, campus officials have sought to hold enrollment steady by keeping the campus accessible to the state's top students while limiting large increases that might compromise educational quality, said Richard Black, UC Berkeley's assistant vice chancellor for admissions and enrollment.

Campus data also show the following:

* Among graduate students, there are 9,870 new and continuing students this fall, compared to 9,310 in fall 2002. The increase reflects growth in some of the fast-growing engineering fields and professional schools.

* Among undergraduates, there are 23,206 new and continuing students compared to 23,835 last fall. More students are graduating earlier, and this decrease in continuing students reflects that trend.

* In the new freshman class, Asian Americans represent 45 percent of the population; white students represent about 30 percent; Chicano/Latino students represent 11 percent; students who identify themselves as "other" or who decline to state their ethnicity represent about 10 percent; African Americans represent 4 percent; and American Indians represent 0.5 percent.

* Women continue to comprise about 54 percent of the undergraduate population, the same as in fall 2002. However, among the graduate population, men represent 54 percent of that group, as was the case last year.

* Among new undergraduate transfer students, enrollment numbers declined. There were 1,642 students this fall, compared to 1,754 in fall 2002.

Additional campus enrollment data can be found in a set of online tables.

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