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UC Berkeley Press Release

Upper Sproul Plaza closure, limited news truck parking available

– Upper Sproul Plaza, the historic gateway to the University of California, Berkeley, will temporarily close beginning next Monday (March 22) as a major renovation project gets underway to improve the look, safety and accessibility of the area.

The project begins the first day of spring break and is scheduled for completion by June 25.
Journalists with news trucks should anticipate extremely limited parking availability in the white zone area in front of Sproul Hall, the building just east of the Bancroft Way-Telegraph Avenue intersection.

Other white zone areas on Bancroft Way may be available near the law school at the intersection near College Avenue or further west, near Haas Pavilion between Dana and Ellsworth streets.

Note that student activities that normally occur on Upper Sproul Plaza will be moved just west of that area to Lower Sproul Plaza. For more information on the Upper Sproul Plaza renovation project, view the February press release on the Web at

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