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Holiday Bowl 2004
Kickoff Luncheon

Cal players at luncheon Wednesday's Kickoff Luncheon meant a chance for Holiday Bowl fans to share a bite and a chat with players and coaches from the bowl teams, including Cal's Mike Tepper (79) and Noah Smith (1). (Steve McConnell photos)

Cal star J.J. Arrington signs his autograph on the back of young fan Jelani Smith's shirt. The Kickoff Luncheon gave Bear fans a rare chance to mingle with their football heroes, who were scattered at tables throughout the Convention Center ballroom. J.J. Arrington signs autograph

Marshawn Lynch enjoys highlight film Luncheon guests watched films of the Cal and Texas Tech football seasons. The Cal highlight reel drew a big smile and hearty applause from Marshawn Lynch (24), one of the stars of the show.

At the prelunch press conference, the assembled press corps drew a rare smile (well, sort of) from Cal coach Jeff Tedford by asking what gets him excited ("not much"). Jeff Tedford at press conference

Injured Cal players leaving luncheon Even the sidelined stars were back in the spotlight, with fans clamoring for autographs from the likes of Geoff McArthur (6) and Bernard Hicks (2) as they descended on crutches from the luncheon.

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