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UC Berkeley Press Release

UC Berkeley fraternity placed on interim suspension

– University of California, Berkeley, officials announced today (Monday, April 25) that they have charged a campus fraternity with several student conduct violations and placed the chapter on interim suspension following an apparent hazing incident.

Pi Kappa Phi faces campus charges of physical abuse, hazing, use of a weapon and other offenses stemming from an April 8 incident in which a prospective member, or pledge, allegedly was shot at least 30 times with an air gun or BB gun. The pledge was treated at a local hospital for welts and bruises and released.

The interim suspension bars members of the fraternity from engaging in any fraternity activities, strictly limiting their use of the chapter house to residential purposes, such as eating and sleeping.

If the abuse, hazing and weapon charges against the chapter are found to be true, disciplinary action could range from continued restriction of chapter activities, to the university revoking the chapter's recognition as a UC Berkeley fraternity -- an action that could cause the chapter house to close.

The campus Student Judicial Affairs office also continues to investigate possible student conduct charges against individual members of the chapter who were involved in the apparent hazing. Charges against individual students can result in disciplinary action that can range from a warning to, in more serious cases, suspension or expulsion from campus.

Students have a right to a hearing in all student conduct cases. Student conduct cases are separate and distinct from any pending criminal investigation.

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