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UC Berkeley Press Release

Collegiate Licensing Co. to manage Cal brand

– The University of California, Berkeley announced today (Friday, Feb. 9) that it has reached agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to manage the campus's trademark licensing program.

Berkeley-branded gear for sale
Cal-logo apparel and other UC Berkeley-branded gear will be covered by the campus's new trademark licensing agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Co.

"We have been one of the few universities in the country independently managing our own trademark licensing program, and we've done very well. However, with CLC we believe we can increase our marketing opportunities and leverage the highly attractive Cal/UC Berkeley brand in ways we could not on our own," said Nathan Brostrom, vice chancellor for administration at UC Berkeley.

Brostrom added that the campus trademarks and licensing team will now focus on an expanded international effort. "We believe there is great potential internationally, especially in the Pacific Rim market," he said.

UC Berkeley generated approximately $700,000 in licensing revenues last year. Brostrom estimated that under the new agreement, and with the increasing visibility of Cal sports teams, the campus will generate from $1.5 to $2 million in annual licensing revenues within two to three years.

"It's a tremendous privilege to represent an institution such as the University of California, Berkeley," said Pat Battle, president and CEO of the Atlanta-based Collegiate Licensing Company. "We look forward to a long partnership with UC Berkeley and taking its licensing program to new heights."

The agreement will give UC Berkeley a greater ability to protect and market its brand through a comprehensive trademark-licensing program customized by CLC, which currently represents more than 180 collegiate properties and is the nation's oldest and largest collegiate licensing agency.

In the PAC 10, CLC also represents University of Arizona, Oregon State University, Stanford University, University of Washington and Washington State University. It also represents the licensing and trademark program for the Heisman Trophy and for the NCAA, including the men's and women's Final Four, the College World Series and all NCAA championships. CLC opened an office in San Francisco in 2005 to expand and service its clients in the western U.S.

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