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Chancellor Birgeneau discusses UC Berkeley on leading Chinese talk show

– Chancellor Robert Birgeneau shared the history and achievements of UC Berkeley with TV audiences throughout the People's Republic of China in June. Birgeneau was the featured guest on "Eastern Horizon: Top Talk," a popular, Chinese talk show featuring face-to-face interviews with foreign dignitaries, heads of state, industry leaders, and other prominent figures. Past guests have included Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, and Bill Gates among others.

During the prime-time Sunday-evening program on China's largest national TV network, China Central Television (CCTV), producer and host Shui Junyi interviewed Birgeneau about the campus's mission as a public university, his career, and former UC Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien. The interview was taped in April during the Chancellor's visit to Beijing, where he received an honorary doctorate from Tsinghua University. 




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