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Inside Innovation conference to showcase faculty research

– The University of California, Berkeley's business faculty will share their latest research, opinions and insights on driving innovation in business at the inaugural Inside Innovation 2007 conference on Saturday (Nov. 17) at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

The all-day conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of California Management Review, the Haas School's peer-reviewed, practitioner-oriented journal. The publication's special anniversary issue on "Leading through Innovation" focuses entirely on Haas School faculty research that explores innovation in business.

The conference keynote speaker will be Richard Lyons, chief learning officer of Goldman Sachs. Lyons previously served at the Haas School as acting dean and as the Sylvan Coleman Professor of Finance.

Four interactive panel discussions will focus on research articles published this month in the journal's anniversary issue. They span a broad range of topics including branding innovation, innovative online pricing strategies, outsourcing, intellectual property, gender stereotypes in negotiations, and creativity.

The panel sessions will give attendees the opportunity to join Haas School faculty in discussing how to drive innovation in business. Panel topics are:

  • "The Innovation Process: From Idea to Commercialization"
  • "Discovering and Launching New Product Blockbusters"
  • "Breaking Tradition − Driving Growth"
  • "Creating Value in a Global Marketplace"

California Management Review's anniversary issue caps off the journal's 50-year history of publishing new ideas. During that time, it has remained sharply focused on its mission: to serve as a vehicle of communication between those who study management and those who practice it.

"We publish professors who are not only conducting research that is relevant to the practice of management, but who are also interested in writing for managers rather than exclusively for other academics," said Haas School professor David Vogel, editor of the journal for 25 years. "We've honed a distinctive competence in areas such as corporate social responsibility, knowledge management, strategy and organization, global competition, and high-tech startups and management."

Past California Management Review articles with far-reaching implications have included:

  • Management guru Peter Drucker's argument that the first social responsibility of business is to earn profits − or no other social responsibilities can be met
  • Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins' assessment of the culpability that the market and watchdog agencies shared with Enron management and consultants in failing shareholders
  • A "battle guide" for waging and winning a standards war over competing technologies, by Haas School professors Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian, who is on leave as chief economist at Google Inc.
  • An assessment of American firms' need to achieve global platforms rather than compete country by country, by Harvard University professor Michael Porter
  • A call for new management styles to capture value from intangible knowledge assets that drive competitive advantage, by Haas School professor David Teece in the journal's 40th anniversary issue on knowledge management
  • An award-winning article on leveraging organizational culture, by Haas School professor Jennifer Chatman

California Management Review, UC Berkeley's Management of Technology program, and the Haas School's newly established Institute for Business Innovation organized the Inside Innovation 2007 conference. The conference is presented by Accenture and is also sponsored by Deloitte and Touche USA.

For more information, visit: http://www.haas.berkeley.edu.

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