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Chancellor extends condolences on NIU shootings, discusses response plans

To the campus community:

We are very saddened to learn that Thursday another senseless shooting took several young lives and injured many more at Northern Illinois University. We have expressed on behalf of UC Berkeley our condolences to President John Peters of Northern Illinois University and his entire campus community.

Following the Virginia Tech tragedy last spring, Berkeley, like other UC campuses, accelerated planning to alert and respond to such immediate crises to ensure the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Although the tragedy could not be averted, Northern Illinois University's quick response is illustrative of the progress that campuses across the nation have been making to respond to violent critical incidents.

I would like to remind members of our own community that we have many resources available through the Tang Center for those who feel they could benefit from professional assistance when such tragedies occur in our sister institutions. For details, please visit the Tang Center website.

If you have further questions about campus security services and procedures, please do not hesitate to call the UC Police Department at (510) 642-6760.

Yours sincerely,

Robert J. Birgeneau
University of California, Berkeley

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