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Six professors win prestigious Guggenheim fellowships

– Six University of California, Berkeley, professors are among 190 artists, scientists and scholars nationally who have been awarded 2008 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowships, the foundation announced this week.

Guggenheim fellowships are awarded for distinguished achievement and exceptional promise. The award provides fellows with funding to further their research, creativity and work. This year's fellows were chosen from a group of more than 2,600 applicants. The winners will share awards totaling $8.2 million.

The 2008 Guggenheim fellows, all from UC Berkeley's College of Letters & Science, are:

  • Margaret Lavinia Anderson, professor of history, who will use her award to continue work on Germany's relationship to the Armenian genocide, 1895-1933.
  • Anthropology professor Stanley Brandes. Hewill investigate the topic of pets and their people from a cultural studies and anthropological standpoint.
  • Giovanni (John) Ferrari, professor of classics, who plans to continue his exploration of fiction and the limits of social meaning.
  • Professor of philosophy Paolo Mancosu, who will further examine the interplay between the philosophy of mathematics and mathematical logic.
  • Arthur Shimamura, professor of psychology. He will use his fellowship to continue his examination of a neurocognitive approach to the psychology of art and aesthetics.
  • Kaja Silverman, Class of 1940 Professor of Rhetoric and Film, who is writing a book about photography called "The Miracle of Analogy."

The full list of 2008 fellows may be viewed at: http://www.gf.org.

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