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Judge's ruling on student-athlete center is 'a major victory for our students'

– UC Berkeley officials said Wednesday night (June 18) that the campus has prevailed on virtually every challenge in legal action that sought to halt construction of the planned Student-Athlete High Performance Center.

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"We are thrilled that the judge concluded that state seismic law will allow the Student-Athlete High Performance Center to be built on the site" adjacent to California Memorial Stadium, said Vice Chancellor for Administration Nathan Brostrom. "This is a major victory for our students."

On preliminary review, Alameda Superior Court Judge Barbara Millerís 120-page ruling, released Wednesday evening, gives the campus victory on nearly every aspect of challenges to its environmental impact report and seismic review. More details and reaction will be available on the UC Berkeley NewsCenter following a press conference later this evening.

Judge Miller's full ruling is available on the Alameda Superior Court's website. (Java required). A plain image version is also available.

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