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Honoring our own
Campus to remember those who died in 2007-08

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, the Berkeley campus will gather for its seventh annual memorial service to honor those of its own who have died during the past year. More than 50 members of the campus community — among them faculty and emeriti, visiting scholars, students, staff, and staff retirees — will be remembered at the ceremony, which will include a reading of the names of the deceased, vocal music, and poetry. It will be held from noon to 1 p.m. at the flagpole west of California Hall; all are welcome to attend.

The names of the deceased to be honored on Sept. 9 are listed below. If any member of the campus community who died in the past year has been inadvertently omitted, contact Maureen Kelly (maureenkelly@uhs.berkeley.edu) so that the list may be updated.

Undergraduate students
Cyrus Allizadeh, Letters and Science
Jacob Duran, Letters and Science
Dilini S. Fernando, Letters and Science
Scott A. Gerwehr, Psychology
Alan K. Hamai, Anthropology
Rebecca A. Junker, South and Southeast Asian Studies
David L. Lieberman, Letters and Science
Daniel P. Marcum, Letters and Science
Christopher Wootten, Engineering/Nuclear Engineering

Graduate students
Daniel Lucas, Chemistry

Joe D. Guerra, Student Affairs/Residential and Student Services Programs
William Les Jordan, Astronomy
Xiaoping Lei, IST/Applications Services
Richard Rossi, Physical Education
Camden Rutter, Academic Senate/Center for Studies in Higher Education
Roderick L. Sayles, Residential and Student Services Programs
Lynn Witser, Alumni Association

Alfred Arteaga, Ethnic Studies
Daniel S. Chemla, Physics
VèVè Amasasa Clark, African American Studies
Alexander Farrell, Energy and Resources Group
Clay Felker, Journalism
John H. Freeman, Haas School of Business
Bruce Hasegawa, Nuclear Engineering
Ahamindra Jain, Chemistry
Cathleen Keller, Near Eastern Studies
Jorge Liderman, Music
Paul B. Plouffe, Chemical Engineering
Moshe M. Sternberg, Chemical Engineering

Visiting scholars
Herbert W. Dittgen, Institute for the Study of Social Change

Staff retirees
Elizabeth "Betsy" Bade Bacon, International House
Fred Baker, Printing Services
Clifford G. Carlson, Plant and Microbial Biology
Hannah Chu, University Health Services
Larry Collins, Printing Services
Kathy "Kay" Parnel Ekman, Chemical Engineering
Larry Feinberg, University Health Services  
Leneda Helton, Career Center
Ed B. Hendricks, Residential & Student Service Programs
Tchang Fong "Peter" Hoang, Space Sciences Laboratory
Diane Jagusiak, UC Press
Mary Anderson Juell, Education
Steve Kaplan, Physical Plant-Campus Services
Trudy Kendall, Physical Plant-Campus Services
Louise V. Kizer, Optometry
Jack Kostelnik, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies
Sergeant William Major, Police Department
Deborah L. Morris, UC Extension
Charles Norris, Physical Plant-Campus Services
Almaquio Rodriguez, Physical Plant-Campus Services
Richard Rodriguez, University Health Services
Officer Richard Smith, Police Department
William Sherman, Printing Services
Alice Taylor, Engineering
Alpha F. Wong, Career Center

Emeriti/Academic retirees
Paula Gunn Allen, Native American Studies  
Frederick E. Balderston, Haas School of Business
Neil Bartlett, Chemistry
Michael Baxandall, History of Art
Albert Hosmer Bowker, Former Chancellor
Gerard E. Caspary, History
James E. Crawford, School of Law
Charles A. Dekker, Molecular & Cell Biology
Gerald D. Feldman, History
Joseph Frisch, Mechanical Engineering
David Gale, Mathematics
Raymond C. Grassi, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Joseph Tracy Gregory, Paleontology
David J. Hooson, Geography
Andrew Welsh Imbrie, Music
David L. Jones, Earth & Planetary Science
Raymond K. Kent, History
Donald R. Kaplan, Plant and Microbial Biology
Robert I. Mishell, Immunology
Antoni Kazimierz Oppenheim, Mechanical Engineering
Murray H. Protter, Mathematics
Ralph W. Rader, English
Nan Sand, Institute of Industrial Relations
Virgil E. Schrock, Nuclear Engineering
Gunther S. Stent, Neurobiology/Molecular and Cell Biology
Lawrence Sullivan, School of Law

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