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Message to campus regarding robbery incident

Vice Chancellor LeGrande says additional police patrols in place at Clark Kerr, urges everyone to be safety aware

| 01 October 2008

To the Campus Community:

In light of a break-in and robbery early Tuesday morning at Clark Kerr Campus, campus police have increased the number and visibility of patrols on and near Clark Kerr and have made the investigation of the crime a top priority.

We are deeply concerned about the safety of our students and the entire campus community. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Tuesday morning robbery, but it was nonetheless a very troubling incident. We urge everyone, whether you are living on campus or in neighborhood housing or are coming here to work and teach, to please pay special attention to safety and security precautions.

In the break-in Tuesday, the suspects entered through an open window. Students living in residence halls are strongly encouraged to follow safety directions provided by hall staff and to review safety tips in "Bear Necessities: Guide to Living on Campus." In addition, we encourage students to attend town hall safety meetings being scheduled by campus police and housing managers.

UC Berkeley offers a wealth of programs, resources, and information for students and employees to help them stay safe and secure. The campus community is encouraged to take a moment to read and more learn on the Staying Safe website.

On a final note, some people have asked why a WarnMe alert was not sent following the incident at Clark Kerr Campus. When police responded immediately to the robbery scene, witnesses told them that the two suspects had fled away from the campus. For this reason, police said, they determined it would not be helpful to send a campuswide WarnMe alert. They said the circumstances indicated that the suspects had fled to avoid arrest and that there was no immediate threat to the campus community.

As always, please report any suspicious activity to UCPD by calling 911 from anywhere on campus or 642-3333 from a cell phone.

Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs