Press Release

Final fall enrollment data shows increase in students

| 13 November 2008

More than 35,400 undergraduate and graduate students are currently enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, a few hundred more students than were on campus a year ago, according to figures released today (Thursday, Nov. 13).

Final fall 2008 enrollment figures show 25,151 undergraduate students and 10,258 graduate students at UC Berkeley, a total of 35,409 students or approximately 450 more than were enrolled in fall 2007.

Campus administrators say that this projected increase in enrollment of more new freshmen and transfer students was due to Tidal Wave II, the expected surge in numbers of college-going high school graduates in California.

Overall, the composition of students on campus has remained relatively stable in all categories. For example, underrepresented students (American Indian, African American and Chicano/Latino) continue to comprise about 16 percent of the undergraduate population and just fewer than 16 percent of the new freshman population.

Women make up just over 53 percent of all undergraduates and 45 percent of graduate students, about the same as in fall 2007. Among international students, that population has grown 13 percent overall, with the bulk of the increase at the undergraduate level, reflecting UC Berkeley's efforts to further expand the diversity of the campus population and to provide all students with a broader, global perspective.