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Honoring our own

Campus to remember those who died in 2008-09

24 August 2009

On Thursday, Sept. 3, the Berkeley campus will gather for its eighth annual memorial service to honor those of its own who have died during the past year. Fifty members of the campus community among them faculty and emeriti, visiting scholars, students, staff, and staff retirees will be remembered at the ceremony, which will include a reading of the names of the deceased, vocal music, and poetry. It will be held from noon to 1 p.m. at the flagpole west of California Hall; all are welcome to attend.

The names of the deceased to be honored on Sept. 3 are listed below. If any member of the campus community who died in the past year has been inadvertently omitted, contact Maureen Kelly (maureenkelly@uhs.berkeley.edu) so that the list may be updated.

Lists are in alphabetical order by LAST NAME but listed by first name.

Academics & Faculty
Douglas McKinnon Allen, Geography, Earth and Planetary Science
David A. Freedman, Mathematical and Physical Sciences/Statistics
Jon Gjerde, Social Sciences/History
William H. Sonnenschein, Business
Jeffery A. Winer, Molecular and Cell Biology

Emeriti & Academic Retirees
Ernest W. Adams, Philosophy
Joseph W. Barker, Teaching Library
George F. Break, Economics
Robert O. Briggs, Student Musical Activities, Cal Performances
Tor L. Brekke, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sumner P. Davis, Physics
Andrew Griffin, English, Letters and Sciences
Austin Hoggatt, Business
Maurice Holt, Mechanical Engineering
Gérard Jian, French
Simon Karlinsky, Slavic Languages and Literature
Ernest Koenigsberg, Business
David N. Lyon, Chemical Engineering
Benson Mates, Philosophy
Paul Mishkin, Law
John B. (Joe) Neilands, Molecular and Cell Biology
Walter Nelson-Rees, Public Health
Genevieve Oxley, Social Welfare
James L. Pierce, Economics
Irving Putter, French
Alain Renoir, English and Comparative Literature
Mark Rosenzweig, Psychology
Robert N. Royston, Landscape Architecture
Leona R. Shapiro, Public Health
Frederick S. Sherman, Mechanical Engineering
Herbert Simons, Education
Michael E. Smith, Law
Otto J. M. Smith, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
John Stallings, Mathematics
Kenneth M. Stampp, History
Richard Strohman, Molecular and Cell Biology
Edward S. Sylvester, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Ronald Takaki, Ethnic Studies
Paola S. Timiras, Molecular and Cell Biology
John Whinnery, Electrical Engineering/EECS
Kermit Wiltse, Social Welfare

Ruby Bell, Molecular and Cell Biology
Jody Ann Bussell, Library/Technical Services
Nancy Cooley, Music
Eugene S. Darling, Public Health
Officer Allen Delano Rollins, UC Police Department
Sergeant Daniel Sakai, UC Police Department
Brian G. Shafer, Business
Catherine V. Sutton, Environmental Design
Stephanie J. Tibbetts, Institute of Management, Innovation and Organization/Business
Karen Vranizan, Functional Genomics Laboratory
Nick West, College of Letters and Sciences, Deans' Office/College Relations
Janet S. Williams, U.C. Botanical Garden

Staff Retirees
Chief William P. Beall Jr., UC Police Department
Margot Smith Chmel, Athletics
Ouida Davis, Information Services and Technology
Robert Dawson, University Health Services/Pharmacy
Consolacion Fermin, Molecular and Cell Biology
John L. Hargrove, International House
Sharon L. Harvey, Office of Undergraduate Advising/ Letters and Sciences
Lieutenant Richard R. Ludden, UC Police Department
Selma Monsky, Survey Research Center
Coach Pete Newell, Athletics
M. Luise Parsons, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Dwight Scott, Financial Aid
Arthur Waugh, Architecture/Environmental Design

Zachary Michael Cruz, Early Childhood Education Program

Undergraduate Students
Vincent Choi, Political Science
Navid Khajehnajafi, Letters and Sciences
Lauren Krikorian, Letters and Sciences
Brandon Lefferts, Letters and Sciences
Vi Hoang Nguyen, Economics
Eric Phillip Okerblom, Letters and Sciences
Austin Danielle Richie, Letters and Sciences
Shevaun R. Stapp, Mass Communications
Viktor Vorontsov, Business
Elijah W. Warren, Political Science

Graduate Students
George Ross Cramer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Wayne J. Van Deusen, Interdisciplinary Studies