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Reaction to the attack on University House

From Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

California will not tolerate any type of terrorism against any leaders including educators," Schwarzenegger said in a statement. "The attack on Chancellor Birgeneau's home is a criminal act and those who participated will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. Debate is the foundation of democracy and I encourage protestors to find peaceful and productive ways to express their opinions.

From University of California President Mark Yudof:

The attack on Chancellor Birgeneau's residence late last night was appalling. The behavior as described went far beyond the boundaries of public dissent, and such lawlessness cannot be tolerated. I have spoken with the Chancellor to express my support. The matter is now appropriately in the hands of law enforcement authorities.

From Robert M. Berdahl, president of the Association of American Universities (and former UC Berkeley chancellor):

The Association of American Universities strongly condemns the violent attack on the Chancellor’s home that took place at the University of California, Berkeley, on December 11.   This outrageous behavior has nothing to do with legitimate dissent.  These are criminal activities intended to intimidate and terrorize, not to protest, and law enforcement needs to treat them as such.

Our universities are havens for civil discourse and debate.  Dissent and protest are expected, even welcome, as signs of thriving democracy.  However, when dissent turns violent, it undermines the foundation of a university and the democratic values of our society.

Most of the nation’s colleges and universities are facing their worst financial challenges in decades, none more serious than those besetting the University of California.  There is plenty of room for reasoned debate over the difficult steps that institutions must take to respond to these challenges.  We call on all parties to the debate to insist on civility and the principles of rational discourse.

From the UC Berkeley faculty:

We, the undersigned members of the Berkeley faculty, unconditionally condemn the acts of violence committed against Chancellor Birgeneau and his family.

— Signed by more than 550 faculty members to date