PSA for Cal Day 1996

Dear Public Affairs Director,

Enclosed please find the PSA text for "Cal Day," which will be held Saturday, April 13 at UC Berkeley. Last year the event drew more than 20,000 visitors to campus. I hope you'll find time to run this PSA during the weeks leading up to April 13.

On Saturday, April 13, UC Berkeley invites you to celebrate "Cal Day" open house on campus. Explore one of the country's top universities, hear lectures by world-renowned faculty, visit museums for free, attend a football practice and meet the coaches and players. Almost everything, including parking and shuttles, is free. For details, call (510) 642-5215.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the Public Information Office staff at (510) 643-3734.

Thank you,

Marie Felde

Assistant Director

UC Berkeley Public Information Office

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