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NEWS RELEASE, 12/12/97

Rosa Mines Segrè, widow of Nobel Laureate and UC Berkeley physicist Emilio Segrè, has died in Italy

by Robert Sanders

Berkeley -- Rosa Mines Segrè, widow of Nobel Prize winning physicist Emilio G. Segrè, died in Rome, Italy, on Nov. 19, from injuries suffered when struck by a car in Tivoli, Italy, on Nov. 14.

Segrè, who was in her 60s, lived in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, Calif., and was visiting Italy at the time of her death.

Following the death of her husband in 1989 Segrè maintained close ties with the physics department at UC Berkeley, and was instrumental in finding speakers for the annual Segrè Lecture, first instituted in 1987. She played a major role in editing Emilio's autobiography, published posthumously in 1993 as "Emilio Segrè: A Mind Always in Motion."

She also spearheaded efforts to produce a Smithsonian traveling exhibition on American Nobel Laureates, which recently received funding.

Emilio Segrè, a native of Italy, was a world-renowned physicist who worked with Robert Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project during World War II. He later joined the UC Berkeley faculty and worked at the Radiation Laboratory, now Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he codiscovered the elements technetium, astatine and the fissionable isotope of plutonium. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with UC Berkeley physicist Owen Chamberlain in 1959 for discovery of the antiproton.

Born in Paraguay, Rosa Segrè is survived by a sister Diana and a brother Bernardo, both of Montevideo, Uruguay, and two stepdaughters, Amelia Segrè Terkel of Tel Aviv, Israel, and Fausta Segrè Walsby of Bristol, England. Amelia, Fausta and a stepson, Claudio, who died in 1995, were the children of Emilio and his first wife Elfriede, who died in 1970. Emilio and Rosa were married in 1972.

Gifts in Rosa Segrè's memory may be made to the Save the Redwoods League, 114 Sansome Street, Room 605, San Francisco, CA 94104-3814.

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