NEWS RELEASE, 10/20/99

$1.5 million raised for UC Berkeley through alumni gifts at class reunion

By José Rodríguez, Development Communications

BERKELEY--Alumni who returned to the University of California, Berkeley, for class reunions this fall did more than relive old memories. They also raised $1.5 million toward their class reunion campaigns to benefit students and faculty.

Funds raised will support a variety of programs, including the University Library, scholarships, and the unrestricted Chancellor's Millennium Fund - three of the campus's highest priorities. Each of the eight classes that raised funds presented gift checks to Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl at UC Berkeley's recent Homecoming festivities.

"Many of the individuals making these gifts have been away from the UC Berkeley campus for years," said Vice Chancellor for University Relations Donald A. McQuade. "Yet, the fact that they still feel a connection to the University and to our mission is an inspiring statement of support for what we're doing here and one of faith in the future. Alumni giving is well on its way toward becoming a new tradition at Cal."

Leading the way in giving is the Class of 1949, which celebrated its 50th reunion. The 50th Reunion Campaign has raised $1 million so far to support the Class of 1949 Library Acquisitions endowed fund and the Class of 1949 California Alumni Leadership Scholarships endowment.

Twenty-five percent of 1949 alumni participated in the drive, boosted in part by the Class of 1999, which challenged the so-called "'49ers" to a participation contest. The Class of 1949 beat out the recent graduates, who drew a 16 percent participation rate in their drive.

Other class-giving totals include:

$36,311 raised to date by the Class of 1939 to add to the Class of 1939 Endowed Chairs in Undergraduate Education.

$60,280 raised to date by the Class of 1954 to date for the Library, alumni scholarships, the Chancellor's Millennium Fund, and the Cal Band.

$100,944 raised to date by the Class of 1969 for the Chancellor's Millennium Fund.

$122,386 raised to date by the Class of 1974 for the Chancellor's Millennium Fund.

$112,680 raised to date by the Class of 1979 for the Chancellor's Millennium Fund.

$89,632 raised to date by the Class of 1989 for the Chancellor's Millennium Fund.

$24,920 raised to date by the Class of 1999 for the library.

Additionally, the Class of 1953 has raised more than $250,000 to date for the Class of 1953 West Gate project.

All gifts raised go toward "The Promise of Berkeley-Campaign for the New Century." More than $1.05 billion has been raised so far in the campaign, which seeks to reach its $1.1-billion goal by 2001.


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