ASUC and the University: The Fine Print

After more than a year of negotiations, University officials and the Associated Students of the University of California have reached agreement on two written statements of understanding formalizing their relationship.

Chancellor Tien and ASUC President Andrew Wong hailed the new agreements as signaling a new era of cooperation between the University and ASUC that will benefit the entire campus community, especially students.

Under the pact, the University will continue to recognize the ASUC as the official student government on campus and will collect mandatory student activity fees and transfer them to the ASUC, provided the ASUC complies with all appropriate policies and regulations concerning the expenditure of such funds.

The University will also delegate to the ASUC management over certain buildings on campus, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall.

It also grants the ASUC formal authority to conduct business and commercial enterprises on campus, such as the bookstore and certain vending operations, provided the ASUC complies with the specific requirements accompanying the delegation of authority.


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