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2009 Articles

05 Oct - That's -30- for us: Berkeleyan bids adieu to print
05 Oct - News Briefs
05 Oct - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
02 Oct - What's new at the Library?: Fall brings a cornucopia of events and information resources to campus
02 Oct - Campus bids Lustig farewell: From planner to associate vice chancellor, Steve Lustig has spent his 26-year career at Berkeley working on issues with direct community impact.
02 Oct - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
02 Oct - More than two dozen junior faculty receive Hellman Family awards: Twenty-six junior faculty receive grants of up to $50,000 to pursue work of exceptional promise.
02 Oct - A ‘public option’ for scholarship: Berkeley signs a pact to support for open-access publishing
02 Oct - The concerned employee's guide to face time at California Hall: The Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee seeks new members to provide staff perspectives to top administrators.
10 Sep - Well Said
10 Sep - News Briefs
10 Sep - Research Roundup
10 Sep - It's My Job: Betty Atanasu
10 Sep - Some of Berkeley's best, for free: Call them freebies, perks, or psychic benefits - a slew of splendid gratis goodies are available to Berkeley staff and faculty.
10 Sep - Pollan's public-interest prediction: Will a clash of economic interests between two monolithic industries – healthcare and agriculture – ultimately bring about lasting improvements in the American diet?
10 Sep - Feeling lucky? Enough to trust Google with UC's library holdings?: An I-School conference explores the pros and cons of letting Google control every aspect of 'the last library'
10 Sep - New faces on Dwinelle Plaza: Fun photos of student-aid recipients on a new billboard for The Campaign for Berkeley
10 Sep - Fellowship lands recent grad in a real hotspot: And she couldn't be happier about it. The John Gardner Fellowship funds priceless experience abroad for Berkeley grads with a yen for public service
10 Sep - A peer in high places: A longtime campus employee, Juliann Martinez, has an important new role: staff advisor to the UC Regents
10 Sep - It now costs less to park at Berkeley: Across-the-board reductions roll back permit fees an average of 8%
10 Sep - The Human Rights Center at 15: For 15 years, HRC staff have probed the heart of darkness, applying academic rigor in the service of justice and compassion
10 Sep - H1N1: Intruder at the gates: The campus gets ready for flu
28 Aug - News Briefs
28 Aug - The Budget Squeeze: At a glance
28 Aug - Well Said: Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
28 Aug - It's my job: Steve Seid, Video curator, Pacific Film Archive
27 Aug - Mitch Celaya: New top cop: Campus assistant police chief picked to run department
27 Aug - Hot tickets: This fall's top events: Many riches are in store on campus this semester for the culturally voracious and intellectually curious.
27 Aug - Neil Henry steers a new course at the J-School: The Graduate School of Journalism's new dean believes in the power of the pen in the digital age
27 Aug - Pictures (and more) from two exhibitions: Darwiniana and the City Beautiful Movement on display
27 Aug - Why Berkeley can keep on building during the budget crisis: With funding already in place, the campus can take a long-term perspective on capital projects
27 Aug - Bringing you a better Berkeleyan: Reader input, budget challenges, and a new design
26 Aug - Chancellor Birgeneau speaks out on the budget crisis: "No silver bullet" for campus financial woes
26 Aug - Campus proposes furlough plan: Mandatory closure days to be taken as furlough by participating staff and faculty employees
12 Jun - A summer's worth of science writing: This year's Summer Reading List is designed with the Year of Science in mind
11 Jun - Life after Berkeley: The campus's newest staff retirees talk with us about the next chapter in their lives
11 Jun - Obituary: Nick West
11 Jun - Obituary: Joe Barker
11 Jun - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
11 Jun - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
11 Jun - Good news for campus car commuters: There will be no increase in parking fees for 2009-10
11 Jun - Political scientist Chhibber named to head IIS: The Institute of International Studies' new director aims to raise its profile as a nexus for discussion and research
11 Jun - Philip Brett Fund to support LGBT studies: New graduate fellowship for research in any field honors groundbreaking music professor
11 Jun - Additional campus, UC budget cuts pending: Student Cal Grants saved for now
07 May - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
07 May - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
07 May - Roll models and spokespeople: Ahead of Bike to Work Day, campus cyclists attest to the charms of their commute
07 May - 'Soul of the New Machine' confab geared to human rights: On campus and online, the two-day symposium drew activists from around the world to explore the changing roles of technology in the fight for justice
07 May - It's My Job: Adrian Diaz, Assistant director, State Government Relations
07 May - Dishing diversity at the dinner table : Abby Rincσn and her daughter, Erika, have a great deal in common … including campus jobs helping Berkeley to become more diverse
07 May - Mentoring is its own reward … but plaques are nice, too: The Grad Division and the Graduate Assembly team up to honor GSIs and the faculty who guide them
07 May - Workforce- reduction measures are having an impact
07 May - Pandemic, or just a bad bug?: The flurry of concern over swine flu may have been a bit 'indulgent,' but genuine questions about the virus still abound
01 May - Chancellor's Public Service Awards honor faculty, staff, and students
01 May - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
01 May - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
01 May - Obituary: Al Rollins
01 May - A must-see spot — if you're a Berkeley bee: Gordon Frankie's Oxford Street garden is a popular stop for dozens of native bee species — and a laboratory for learning what plants they prefer
01 May - Transplanted to a bare Wheeler stage, Botany of Desire blooms as a musical
01 May - 'Passion and romance and love' : The role artists can play in communicating about climate change
01 May - UC president addresses Berkeley Senate : 'There's a lot of [budget] pain to be shared,' Yudof tells faculty
23 Apr - Bravo, maestro, bravo!: A look back at Robert Cole's long career as director of Cal Performances
23 Apr - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
23 Apr - Obituary: Ernest Adams
23 Apr - Black-leather pragmatist: Focused more on domestic political stability than on empire-building, Vladimir Putin may be — for all his faults — a better leader than Russia might otherwise be obliged to endure
23 Apr - Plugging away at the riddle of consciousness: John Searle, world-renowned philosopher and disaffected FSM backer, marks a half-century at Cal
23 Apr - New labs on tap for College of Chemistry: The college will rebuild its undergraduate teaching labs while it rethinks the way its students are taught
16 Apr - Voluntary separation with severance pay is now an option : Up to 200 eligible staff will be accepted for the new program
16 Apr - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
16 Apr - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
16 Apr - A truly distinguished lot: Five faculty members, lauded by their peers and students alike, are honored by this year's Distinguished Teaching Awards.
16 Apr - Meg Conkey receives Chancellor's Award: Professor of anthropology is recognized for advancing institutional excellence
16 Apr - Campus staffers honored for 'going beyond' daily responsibilities: Chancellor recognizes individual and team efforts at ceremony
16 Apr - Breyer: Faith in reason, or faith in force?: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, in a campus talk, describes the law as a 'tapestry' held together by citizens' willingness to keep it from unraveling
16 Apr - Career Compass maps out its next stage: Non-represented staff to receive new titles and salary ranges by end of April
09 Apr - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
09 Apr - Obituary: Diane Ainsworth
09 Apr - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
09 Apr - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
09 Apr - Veteran journalist says schools and hospitals, not missile attacks, can defeat al Qaeda: Pakistani Hamid Mir, who interviewed Osama bin Laden three times, calls on the West to bring development to his country's border with Afghanistan
09 Apr - Berkeley moves toward climate neutrality: Two years after launch of the campus's climate-action plan, the keyword is 'action.' A new report outlines next steps
09 Apr - Cal Day: It's about the dazzle: Every April, Berkeley opens its doors to the community — and 35,000 people walk through
09 Apr - American Cultures: Discussing differences, building bridges: Berkeley's unique undergraduate requirement helps students learn about race, culture, and ethnicity
02 Apr - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
02 Apr - Obituary: Tor Brekke
02 Apr - Obituary: George Break
02 Apr - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
02 Apr - Campus police chief to step down in July: After 19 years, Victoria Harrison bids farewell to 'a captivating place'
02 Apr - Political scientist Henry Brady is new Goldman School dean : The new dean of Berkeley's school of public policy is a faculty veteran and a leading scholar of public opinion and political movements.
02 Apr - Illegal drug trade has left deep scars on Mexican culture : A visiting Mexican journalist told a campus audience that Mexico's 40-year experiment in military-style drug interdiction has not only failed but helped plunge that country into near-chaos.
02 Apr - Optometry's 20/20 fundraising vision: Farsighted faculty dig deep to support graduate students
02 Apr - It's My Job: Sandra Wasson, General Manager, KALX
02 Apr - America's economy spurs foreign students to return home, study says: Already 'pulled' that way by family ties, they're now feeling a 'push' from a struggling U.S.
02 Apr - JUDITH BUTLER: Thinking critically about war: The scholar will use her $1.5 million Mellon Award to fund a Critical Theory Institute at Berkeley
02 Apr - Goldman School portal takes the worry out of 'experiments of concern': New site aims to warn synthetic biologists when the fruits of their research could include biosecurity risks
20 Mar - Obituary: Leona R. Shapiro
19 Mar - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
19 Mar - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community.
19 Mar - Capitol visits highlight value of investing in UC
19 Mar - Inexpensive flooring switch improves child health: Concrete changes seen in young slum dwellers' cognitive abilities, too
19 Mar - Shake a tailfeather, baby!: Long, sexy tails are not a drag on male hummingbirds, study shows
19 Mar - Long-term ozone exposure linked to higher risk of death: The gas, already implicated in global warming, is shown to have distinct impacts on human mortality
19 Mar - Never the Twain shall print?: A new collection of unpublished pieces goes on sale next month
19 Mar - A poet views the oak-grove standoff: Berkeley's Robert Hass muses on conversations about nature that, he regrets, never happened
19 Mar - A free lunch, with filmmakers Ang Lee and James Schamus
19 Mar - Two lecturers, three lectures, and a focus on genes: Next week's Hitchcock and Faculty Research lectures portend a bumper crop of scientific insight
19 Mar - Quench your thirst the Berkeley way: As 'hydration stations' are installed on campus, units team up to offer alternatives to plastic water bottles
19 Mar - A new garden grows at Berkeley: At this garden spot, say sustainably minded students, healthy vines, stems, and sprouts will be the fruits of victory
19 Mar - Staff invited to March 24 town hall on the budget
12 Mar - What's Berkeley's hottest minor? : It could be fighting global poverty. Working on projects close to their hearts, a new generation of student-activists makes its mark on the world
12 Mar - Linking fast-food proximity to obesity: Location is everything ­— a truism that goes for fast food as well as real estate
12 Mar - Adventures in the 'Goldilocks zone': Astronomers monitoring Kepler's mission are looking for planets on which life might arise
11 Mar - One week, four key lectures
11 Mar - Staffer a winner in campus essay contest : A meditation on cultural signals
11 Mar - Newspaper on a mission: The Daily Californian has won a slew of awards — but has also cut back its publication schedule and stopped paying contributors. In those ways it's more like a mainstream paper than many suppose
11 Mar - Who teaches the teachers? Spelling out the ABCs of pedagogy: In her newly revised compendium of teaching strategies, Barbara Gross Davis covers the basics ... and beyond
11 Mar - New actions, employee options aim to address budget shortfall: Staff hiring freeze, new options for voluntary reductions in time are among initial tools to deal with $60-70 million deficit projected for 2009-10
11 Mar - It's My Job: Mei Griebenow, Graduate Student Affairs Officer, Integrative Biology and Endocrinology
11 Mar - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions
11 Mar - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community.
05 Mar - Energy symposium weighs perils and opportunities of climate change
05 Mar - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community.
04 Mar - Stiles Hall: a 'living room' with a committed fan club: A legendary incubator of community programs — and activists — celebrates 125 years of off-campus vitality
04 Mar - Honors for two Berkeley physicists: Richards and Smoot recognized separately for their contributions to astrophysics
04 Mar - The pluses and (mostly) minuses of biofuels: At a major scientific confab, criticisms of biofuels are tempered by an assessment of their role in a broader energy future
04 Mar - Speaker series to address California's climate-change challenges
04 Mar - Campus turns out for opening of Sutardja Dai Hall: Dedication of CITRIS building draws hundreds to celebrate an 'incredible milestone'
04 Mar - Obituary: James Pierce
04 Mar - In a Galaxy not all that far away...: Stellar works are showcased in a new BAM/PFA exhibit
04 Mar - Should California consider Australia's wildfire policy?: 'Prepare, stay and defend' may not apply in all scenarios — as it didn't in this year's deadly Australian bush fires
04 Mar - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
26 Feb - Research Roundup: Discoveries and insights from Berkeley faculty
26 Feb - A painful journey through the past: Tracing her family's Holocaust story, a historian learns that facts can count for as much as the big picture
26 Feb - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
26 Feb - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
26 Feb - School of Public Health to honor its 'heroes': Annual recognition event for those who protect the public's health
26 Feb - 'Pockets of intimacy' for undergrads: Freshman and Sophomore Seminars bring faculty and students together to learn from each other
26 Feb - Berkeley Law dean charged with 'fixing the educational pipeline': Chris Edley plans to tackle society's 'most critical' problems
18 Feb - News Briefs: Shorter items of interest to the campus community
18 Feb - Sexual-harassment training for supervisors: Training in how to deal with 'sticky situations' on the job is mandatory in 2009
12 Feb - 2009 UC Summer Programs for Children: A complete guide for parents compiled by the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Dependent Care
12 Feb - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
12 Feb - Hinshaw on environment, genes, and risk
12 Feb - What's cooking at the Library?: The Koshland bioscience library's culinary collection provides food for thought for local chefs, campus researchers, and home cooks
12 Feb - The march to war, from Bonaparte to Bush: Stanford historian David Kennedy, this year's Jefferson Lecturer, sees America's all-volunteer military as lean, lethal, and far too easy to send into battle
12 Feb - Regents act on UCRP, eligibility
12 Feb - Laurels: Blue ribbons, gold stars, honorable mentions...
12 Feb - News Briefs
05 Feb - What makes rocks so wonderful?: Walter Alvarez's new book, on the complex and highly varied geology of Italy's mountains, is a personal tale based on years of exploration and discovery
05 Feb - Record number of students apply to Berkeley: Annual growth rate in volume slows
05 Feb - 'Understanding Science' website clarifies what science is and is not: It is: dynamic and creative, 'iterative and messy.' It is not: boring
05 Feb - An improved method for comparing genomes : Researchers take a hint from text-comparison methods used to detect plagiarism in term papers
05 Feb - Combating impressions of ideology bias in public-policy research: 'Naive realists' and 'attitude attributors' among the general public assume researcher bias when they don't care for a study's findings
05 Feb - It's My Job: Jeremy White Program Manager, Physical Access Compliance
05 Feb - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
05 Feb - Survey Research Center marks half-century of data-based insight: Random sampling may sound bloodless, but SRC director Henry Brady seeks illumination — and artistry — in numbers
05 Feb - Bringing it all back home: In her new job, Wilda White pursues a lifelong passion for social justice
05 Feb - Hunting for snark: In a campus conversation with linguist Geoffrey Nunberg, New Yorker critic David Denby takes on modern-day barb-slingers
05 Feb - News Briefs
05 Feb - A 'hot new journal' turns 25: Representations celebrates with an all-Berkeley lineup
28 Jan - Fixing our climate — no handwringing required: It would require the same number of workers to install rooftop solar panels on every house in the U.S., helping to mitigate the effects of global warming, as we currently have military personnel deployed in Iraq. That's just one eye-opening stat from a new book, co-authored by Berkeley faculty expert John Harte, on practical ways to solve the climate crisis.
28 Jan - Library @ Berkeley: A roundup of spring-semester exhibits and events; a look at new electronic resources; schedules of training workshops, and more useful news for the campus community.
28 Jan - Campus coming attractions for spring 2009: Events to challenge the mind and stimulate the sense
28 Jan - Center for Japanese Studies makes Clint Eastwood's day: Actor/director accepts first annual 'New Vision' award
28 Jan - Alivisatos named interim director of Berkeley Lab, replacing Chu: Chemist and nano-crystal expert has been deputy director of the lab since 2007
28 Jan - Summer's high, winter's low temperatures now arrive two days earlier: It's not just that seasons are starting earlier due to global warming — researchers now find that they reach their extremes earlier, too
28 Jan - In case of emergency, get a warning: By phone, text message, or e-mail, WarnMe will have vital information for you
28 Jan - At Haas Pavilion, a standing 'O' — as in 'Obama'
28 Jan - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
28 Jan - Obituary: Sumner Davis
28 Jan - News Briefs
22 Jan - Glued to the ObamaTron: Thousands crowded Sproul Plaza on Jan. 20 to watch the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama on TV.
22 Jan - The state of Berkeley's budget: A Q&A with two top campus decisionmakers yields insights into how Cal will deal with the most difficult fiscal environment in decades.
22 Jan - The Bancroft: renovated and configured: A striking home for the campus's rare-book and Western history showcase
22 Jan - Picture-perfect preservation: The Bancroft's Pictorial Collection is a repository for the visual resources on which so much historical research depends
22 Jan - The Mark Twain Project stretches out: New digs mean not just more room for researchers, but better conditions for archival storage
22 Jan - "Well said!": Quotes, bon mots, and noteworthy utterances from the campus and beyond
21 Jan - Somorjai named a Miller Senior Fellow: Veteran chemistry professor Gabor Somorjai is the second luminary selected for this prestigious fellowship.
21 Jan - Academic Senate honors Princeton's Shapiro: The Clark Kerr Medal will be bestowed on thinker, writer, and higher-ed leader Harold Shapiro.
21 Jan - Janet Broughton to serve as acting L&S executive dean for a year: Mark Richards' sabbatical also leads to a new divisional dean in mathematics and physical sciences
21 Jan - Eleven faculty members named AAAS Fellows: They join 205 of their Berkeley colleagues who are already members of the learned society
21 Jan - SAHPC site was never a burial ground, consultants confirm: Archaeological study, now complete, finds no indication site was ever used for that purpose by area's Native Americans
21 Jan - Maternity leave linked to fewer C-sections, improved breastfeeding: Where paid prenatal leave is available, positive effects on maternal and infant health are significant. Is our cultural belief that 'the real work comes after the baby is born' limiting these successes in America?
21 Jan - A seven-letter word for 'worrying'?: Sufferers from anxiety may find relief in a crossword puzzle, a board game, or other pastime demanding concentration
21 Jan - Obituary: John Stallings
21 Jan - Obituary: Eugene Darling
21 Jan - Obituary: Jeffery Winer
21 Jan - Obituary: Bill Sonnenschein
21 Jan - News Briefs