Let Us Hear From You

To further a commitment to on-going open communication, Berkeleyan has begun publishing letters to the editor.

Letters should address issues and ideas of general interest to the campus and must avoid personal criticism.

Letters are limited to 250 words and will be subject to editing.

Faculty and staff are also encouraged to write in-depth guest opinion columns not to exceed 700 words on issues of broad interest. Columns may be edited.

Because of limited space, Berkeleyan may not be able to print all letters or opinion columns submitted and may have to limit the number of letters on one subject or from one contributor.

Letters and guest opinion columns are open to current or retired Berkeley faculty and staff, with the opportunity for students to participate from time to time.

Submissions must be signed; the author's name will be published.

Send submissions to "Letters," Berkeleyan, 101 Sproul Hall.

Preference will be given to contributions sent in a text-only format to mff@pio.urel.berkeley.edu.

Faculty and staff interested in writing guest opinion columns should contact Executive Editor Marie Felde, 643-8012, or via e-mail at: berkeleyan@pa.urel.berkeley.edu.


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