Berkeley's Nobelists

1994 John C. Harsanyi, Economics

1986 Yuan T. Lee, Chemistry

1983 Gerard Debreu, Economics

1980 Czeslaw Milosz, Literature

1968 Luis Alvarez, Physics (died 1988)

1964 Charles H. Townes, Physics

1961 Melvin Calvin, Chemistry

1960 Donald A. Glaser, Physics

1959 Owen Chamberlain, Physics

1959 Emilio G. Segre, Physics (died 1989)

1951 Glenn T. Seaborg, Chemistry

1951 Edwin M. McMillan, Chemistry (died 1991)

1949 William F. Giauque, Chemistry (died 1982)

1946 John H. Northrop, Chemistry (died 1987)

1946 Wendell M. Stanley, Chemistry (died 1971)

1939 Ernest O. Lawrence, Physics (died 1958)


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