Dependent Care Committee Needs Information on Summer Programs for Kids

Some may think it's too early to think about Christmas, let alone summer vacations, but for working parents planning can never come too soon.

That's why the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Dependent Care is asking for help in identifying all summer programs that will be offered on campus.

"We'd like to hear from any program for any population of children--sports, arts, science, music, English, math, you name it," said Carol Hoffman, committee co-chair.

Too often, said Hoffman, staff and faculty parents learn about a summer program on campus too late to take advantage of it.

To resolve that problem this year, the committee is asking for information on all summer programs now so it can compile a list and have it ready early next year. Berkeleyan will publish the list in February.

Sponsors of programs should send information to the committee at 3100 Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way, by Dec. 1. The fax number is 642-7411 and the e-mail is careserv@uclink2.

Include the following information:

o A one-sentence program description

o Dates and times

o Age range

o Price and whether financial assistance is available

o Registration dates

o A phone number to call for information

o Any special requirements

"If you don't have all the information yet, please send us what you do have," added Hoffman.


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