Letter to the Editor:

I attended Convocation and was especially impressed with Staff Ombudsperson Ella Wheaton's welcome to the campus community on behalf of the staff.

Her ideas were well presented and captured the essence of how our great staff contribute to making Berkeley the great institution it is. I was quite proud to be a staff member on this campus, a feeling that of late seems quite rare.

It is too bad that more people, especially the faculty and staff, did not hear Ella's words. I am sure they too would have felt as I did.

I would like to request that Ella's speech be reprinted in Berkeleyan soon so that the entire campus community could benefit from her ideas. It would be a great way to sustain the renewed hope that the beginning of the academic year always brings to faculty and staff.

Kevin Argys

Manager, Business and Finance Mail and Campus Copy Services

Editor's Note: Thanks for asking. We're happy to print Ella Wheaton's inspiring speech. It appears in our Forum column on this page.


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