Here Are the Details on January Salary Changes

With the announcement Nov. 15 that state revenues were sufficient to avoid triggering mid-year budget cuts, the campus has begun putting a complicated system of pay raises into effect.

Program details vary significantly for employees in SPP, MAP, and A&PS, as well as for faculty and employees represented by collective bargaining.

With the welcomed, but last-minute "no-trigger" announcement by the state controller, completing the salary adjustments for each group as quickly as possible is a challenge.

Recent Berkeleyan stories reported general information from the Office of the President that the UC budget provided funding for 3 percent cost- of-living increases and 2 percent merit hikes. While that's true overall, increases for each program are implemented differently. Following are details on each program:

Staff Program and Clerical Contract Employees

For SPP employees and those covered by the clerical contract, there will be a 2.2 percent range adjustment, or cost-of-living increase, effective Oct. 1, plus a half-year merit increase averaging one step.

Employees with a normal merit increase date of July 1, 1994, will receive their merits effective Jan. 1, 1995. Employees with normal merit increase date of Jan. 1, 1995, will receive theirs July 1, 1995.

Personnel officials said the campus needs to process the range adjustments first, so the merit increase can reflect the higher rate. A check representing the 2.2 percent retroactive range adjustment is likely to be issued in late January, followed by a separate check for retroactive merit increases to those who receive them in mid-February.

Merit Increases Only for MAP and A&PS

There will be a 3.5 percent merit pool for both MAP and A&PS employees. As in the past, raises are merit-based only and there are no cost-of-living increases in these programs.

Individuals appointed to the program by April 1, 1994, are eligible for merit increases. The amounts of the raises are determined on an employee-by-employee basis based on performance, with each control unit limited to an aggregate increase of 3.5 percent.

Increases will be retroactive to Oct. 1. Payroll hopes to have checks for the retroactive period issued in late January. Feb. 1 checks should reflect increased earnings from Jan. 1.

In concert with merit increases, the MAP and A&PS salary structure will be increased by 3 percent. While this will not effect individual salaries, no salaries may exceed the new maximums or fall below the new minimums of the range.

Employees Represented by Bargaining Units

Some A&PS and SPP covered technical employee titles now fall within areas represented by unions, following the union election in October and November. Information for their situation will be forthcoming.

In general, salary actions for exclusively represented staff and academic employees are subject to the obligations of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

Represented employees may wish to check with their union representatives to determine their situations.

Range Adjustments for Faculty in the Works

Eligible faculty members already received their merit increases on July 1, said Patti Owen, manager of Academic Personnel.

All academic employees except student workers will see range adjustment increases effective Jan. 1, 1995, reflected on Feb. 1 paychecks.

While the overall increase is 3 percent, Owen said assistant professors will receive a higher percentage increase to bring them closer in line with comparison institutions, while full professors will receive a lower percentage increase.

Most student employees--GSIs and GSRs--will receive a 3 percent hike retroactive to Oct. 1.

In related actions, faculty members who were eligible for merit or promotional increases in 1991-92, but did not receive them and are part of a class action suit against the UC Board of Regents, are in line for a lump-sum payment.

Owen said settlement checks will go out Nov. 30.

Executive Program Changes

The most senior executives will not be eligible for any increase this year. A pool of 1 percent for merit increases will be available for others in the Executive Program, along with .25 percent set aside for those eligible for incentive awards.

Money Available for Incentive Awards

In addition to the cost-of-living and merit programs, money has been made available to augment incentive programs for employees in SPP, A&PS, and MAP equivalent to .8 percent of eligible salaries. Implementation guidelines will be issued in the spring for the Distinguished Service Awards Program.

Funding for awards to employees in bargaining units will be distributed consistent with the terms of the bargaining agreements.


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