Campus Wins High Marks in Clean-Air Survey

Nine campus employees have won prizes for returning their clean-air commute surveys, but the big winner was the campus.

Results of the survey found that almost half the workers here do not drive to work alone.

The survey was required by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District of 3,000 Bay Area enterprises that employ 100 or more workers.

The results of a sample of 750 faculty and staff found that the vehicle-employee ratio was .54 percent, which means that just slightly under half of the campus either carpools, vanpools, walks, rides a bike, or uses public transit.

The finding also means the campus has already exceeded its 1999 vehicle-employee ratio goal of .66 percent, which equates to almost 1.5 people per car.

Because of the encouraging results, the campus won't have to do another commute survey until 1997.

"We have done a very successful job of getting single-occupant vehicle trips down on the Berkeley campus," said Nadesan Permaul, director of transportation and emergency planning.

To encourage randomly selected survey participants to return their survey, the transportation office rounded up several gift donations. It seemed to help--96 percent of the surveys handed out were returned.

The winners are Helmtrud Nock, a Giro Hammerhead helmet; Kimberly Pelz, a Timbuk 2 bike messenger bag; and James (Dan) Romero, Oakley sunglasses.

Also, Bernhard Boser, a world globe; Stuart Russell, a Sony cordless phone; Rita Maran, a bicycle ($300 limit) of choice at Berkeley Cycle; Lewis Feldman, one-year RSF membership for two; Russell Connacher, a Newton computer; and Jamie Rector, airline tickets for two anywhere in the contiguous US.


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