What About Staff?


You frequently encourage your readers to write to you with comments and suggestions, and so I am writing to offer my suggestion of adding to your occasional "Awards and Honors" and "In the News" columns the achievements of university staff.

Many of your readers--especially faculty--may be surprised to learn how many of their support people have published books, won awards in their field of expertise or made the news in other significant ways. It does a disservice to staff and to all your readers to perpetuate the mistaken notion that only professors are capable of outstanding work.

My suggestion is to encourage all your readers to notify Berkeleyan of their significant achievements. Then you will be able to include staff newsmakers and awardees in your future columns.

Estelle Jelinek

Editor, Center for Media

And Independent Learning

UC Extension

EDITOR'S NOTE: Berkeleyan always welcomes news about our campus colleagues, be they faculty or staff. So, at your excellent suggestion, we remind and encourage readers to tell us of their awards and achievements, or to let us know of a colleague who has done something worth note. Send information to Berkeleyan Editor, 101 Sproul Hall, or email to MFF@pio.urel.


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