Faster Hiring Procedures Could Begin by May 1

Departments should soon have more authority and a shorter turnaround time for most recruitments, under proposed delegations announced by the Employment Unit of the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office.

As recommended by the campuswide Project HIRE team last year, these changes are expected to streamline and simplify the hiring process.

The changes should speed up the recruitment process, since departments will be able to work directly with the campus's advertising agency in placing ads. In addition, they'll make their own decisions on preferential rehire and medical separation candidates and then communicate their decisions directly to those candidates so they can receive applicant pools sooner.

Proposed Changes

o Campus departments will be able to place job advertisements directly with the advertising agency that holds a contract with the Berkeley campus, or departments may still choose to place ads through the Employment Unit. The employment staff will provide guidelines for placing ads.

o The procedures for referring employees who hold preferential rehire rights will be changed, as follows:

--Jobs will be listed as soon as approved job vacancy listings are received from departments. In the past, job listings were held until after the department reviewed and made decisions about candidates on the layoff and medical separation lists.

--Candidates identified as having preferential rehire rights to positions will be referred to departments before the closing date of the position.

Other applications will be referred within two to three days after the listing closes. Some candidates with preference may not already be identified for a particular position. However, if they express interest before the closing date, and if they meet the qualifications for the position, they will be referred to the hiring department.

It will be the department's responsibility to consider individuals with preference rights, including layoff and medical separation candidates, before reviewing any other applications.

The department will be responsible for making sure that policies and contract clauses regarding preferential rehire are followed in the recruitment process. Hiring units should be aware that:

o The department must notify preferential rehire and/or medical separation candidates who were not selected.

Although the department must notify the employment analyst of the reasons for non-selection, documentation on the decisions will stay in the department for three years, as required by federal law.

Departments should be aware that this information is subject to disclosure at the request of candidates and other appropriate parties.

o The proposed effective date for these changes is May 1, 1995.

Affected employees at Berkeley and the Office of the President are those covered by the Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) Program, Staff Personnel Program (SPP), the AFSCME contracts, CNA contract, and the Technical Unit.

For more information on the changes, contact your employment analyst in the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office.

Written comments on these policies should be sent before April 26 to Alice Gregory, director of Human Resources, 207 University Hall #3540, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 94720.


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