People's Park: A Permanent Recreational Area

The Berkeley City Council's renewed resolve to help convert People's Park into a permanent recreational area reflects improved "town and gown" relations, city and university officials said.

The City Council recently passed a resolution committing the city to work with the university to bring the 2.8-acre site up to city park standards by the end of this year.

Approved unanimously, the resolution authorizes the city manager to work with staff on short-term improvements at the park site. It also authorizes him to streamline the process for city and community participation in making the decisions needed for long-term park improvements.

"It is in the city's interest to make the kind of changes needed at People's Park to ensure that it remains a park," said Mayor Shirley Dean. "The Telegraph Avenue neighborhood and commercial area are vital to the city's future. Residents in the neighborhood need a recreational area they all can use."

Chancellor Tien said he was pleased to have the City Council come out in support of this resolution. "This resolution is reflective of the partnership and good will that is growing between the city and the university," said Tien.

A joint city-university committee--the People's Park Use Standards Evaluation Advisory Committee--is recommending ways to improve the area.


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