Commencement '95 Draws Prominent Speakers

Graduation ceremonies begin May 9 and run through May 22. More than 60 schools, colleges and departments will be holding their own events.

In addition, the Senior Commencement Convocation will honor all graduates May 9 at 4 p.m. in Zellerbach Auditorium. Speaker for this event is Robert B. Reich, President Clinton's secretary of labor.

Before joining the labor department, Reich was on the faculty of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has written several books and hundreds of articles on the global economy and the U.S. workforce.

Other commencement speakers this year include Janet Yellen, member of the Federal Reserve Board; Ira Michael Heyman, former chancellor and secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; Jesus Silva Herzog, ambassador to the U.S. from Mexico; and Peter Sellars, screen director.

Following is a list of '95 commencements and the speakers where known:

African American Studies, Randall Robinson, director of TransAfrica, May 14, 9 am, Greek Theatre

Ancient History, Richard Buxbaum, dean, International and Area Studies, May 15, 1 pm, Zellerbach

Anthropology, May 19, 8 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Art History, May 22, 2 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Art Practice, May 19, 2 pm, Sculpture Garden, University Art Museum

Asian Studies, May 20, 1 pm, Alumni House

Business Administration, May 21, 2:30 pm, Greek Theatre

Chemistry, May 21, 2 pm, Chemistry Plaza

Chicano Studies, May 21, 1 pm, Harmon Gymnasium

Classics, see Ancient History

Comparative Literature, see Ancient History

Computer Science, May 21, 2 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Dramatic Art, Peter Sellars, theater, opera and television director, May 20, 2 pm, Zellerbach Playhouse

East Asian Languages, May 14, 2 pm, Alumni House

Economics, Janet Yellen, member of the Federal Reserve Board and former professor in Haas Business School, May 19, 3 pm, Greek Theatre

Education, May 14, 1 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Energy and Resources Group, May 19, 12:30 pm, Alumni House

Engineering, John Leinhart, May 20, 9 am, Greek Theatre

English, Kaman Brathwaite, Caribbean poet and professor, Comparative Literature, New York University, May 14, 3 pm, Greek Theatre

Environmental Design, Ira Michael Heyman, secretary, Smithsonian Institution, and former Berkeley chancellor, May 21, 10 am, Greek Theatre

Environmental Sciences, David Brower, May 20, 7 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Ethnic Studies, May 21, 9 am, Wheeler Auditorium

French, see Ancient History

Geography, May 20, 2 pm, McCone Hall, Oak Grove

Geology/Geophysics, Paul Renne, president, Berkeley Geochronology Center, May 19, 2 pm, Oak Grove (west of McCone Hall)

German, see Ancient History.

Health and Medical Science, May 21, 2 pm, Alumni House

History, May 19, 10 am, Greek Theatre

Human Biodynamics, George Brooks, professor of exercise physiology, Department of Human Biody-namics, May 21, 6:30 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Integrative Biology, May 20, 1 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

International and Area Studies, Jesus Silva Herzog, ambassador to U.S. from Mexico, May 21, 3 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Italian Studies, see Ancient History

Journalism, May 14, 11 am, North Gate Courtyard

Law, May 20, 3 pm, Greek Theatre

Legal Studies, Professor Harry N. Scheiber, chair, Academic Senate, and Riesenfeld Professor of Law, May 21, 10 am, Lower Courtyard, Boalt Hall

Linguistics, May 19, 1 pm, Ishi Court--Dwinelle Hall

Mass Communication, May 18, 9:30 am, Greek Theatre

Mathematics, Mary Claire King, professor, School of Public Health, May 14, 1 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Molecular and Cell Biology--1, Regis B. Kelly, professor, biochemistry and biophysics, UCSF, May 22, 10 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Molecular and Cell Biology--2, Mary Claire King, professor, School of Public Health, May 22, 3 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Military Science, Howard S. Styron, chair, Department of Military Science, May 20, 6 pm, Alumni House

Music, student musicians, May 14, 2 pm concert, 3:30 pm ceremony, Hertz Hall

Native American Studies, May 20, 5 pm, Strawberry Clubhouse

Natural Resources, Terry Tempest Williams, author, poet and natural historian for Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City, May 21, 2 pm, Chancellor's Esplanade

Naval Science, Larry C. Baucom, U.S. Navy, May 24, 1:30 pm, Berkeley Marina Yacht Club

Near Eastern Studies, May 21, 2 pm, Lipman Room, Barrows Hall

Optometry, Delaine Eastin, state superintendent of public instruction, May 20, 1 pm, Faculty Glade

Peace and Conflict Studies, May 20, 2 pm, Hillel, Bancroft Way

Philosophy, May 20, 10 am, Faculty Club

Physics/Astronomy, Robert Wilson, May 19, 2:30 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Political Science, Daniel P. Beard, commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior, May 22, 3 pm, Greek Theatre

Psychology, May 22, 9:30 am, Greek Theatre

Public Health, May 13, 9 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Public Policy, Angela Glover Blackwell, vice president, Rockefeller Foundation, May 21, 12:30 pm, Faculty Glade

Rhetoric, May 12, 10 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Scandinavian, see Ancient History

Senior Commencement Convocation, Robert B. Reich, U.S. secretary of labor, May 9, 4 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Slavic, see Ancient History

Social Welfare, Graduate Students, May 13, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Social Welfare, Undergraduates, Rev. A. Cecil Williams, minister, Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, May 20, 7 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Sociology, Robert Bellah, professor, Department of Sociology, May 21, 9 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

South/Southeast Asian Studies, see Ancient History

Spanish and Portuguese, see Ancient History

Statistics, May 19, 2:30 pm, Pacific Film Archives, Gund Theatre

UGIS, May 18, 9:30 am, Greek Theatre

Women's Studies, May 19, 7 pm, Alumni House

(This schedule is available on Internet at http://www.urel.berkeley. edu/urel_1/campusnews/commence.)


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