See Your Work in Headlines

Training Sessions Teach How to Work with the Press to Get Quality Coverage

On campus last week, France 3, a French television crew, was doing a feature on Berkeley. KCBS radio reported on job prospects of graduating seniors. And calls came into the Public Information Office seeking experts to talk about the proposed new tariffs on luxury Japanese automobiles and other topics.

It was a typical news week. In 1994, Berkeley's professors and administrators were featured locally and internationally in newspapers, and on radio and TV more than 600 times. And those were only the occasions tracked through Public Information Office media contacts.

Reporters across the nation and around the world view the Berkeley campus as an influential news center. This kind of exposure not only benefits people interviewed, but enhances the campus's profile as well.

Still, talking to a reporter fills some with fear, others with frenzy and still others with excitement. That's why this summer and into the fall the Public Information Office is offering hour-long workshops on how to work with the press.

Members of Public Information will brief small groups of faculty, administrators and staff on topics including what to do if you're interviewed, how to publicize your research and events, the special requirements and challenges presented by broadcast reporters, how the Berkeleyan works and what the Public Information staff can do for you.

A question and answer session will follow a short presentation and pamphlets will be distributed. Those wishing to set up a workshop should call Public Information at 642-3734.


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