A Signed Budget Permits Salary Plans To Go Ahead

Editor's note: The following proposed staff salary plan information is provided by the Office of the President and the campus Department of Human Resources.

As promised last month, now that the budget has been signed, merit increases that had previously been announced to be effective July 1, 1995, which were delayed pending budget action, will be paid retroactive to July 1.

Based on the budget action, UC proposes to implement the following 1995-96 staff salary plan.

For non-exclusively represented employees in the merit-based A&PS, MAP and Executive programs, the fund pool available for merit increases--a combination of range adjustment and merit funds--would be 3.5 percent.

The increases would be effective Oct. 1, 1995.

The general increase (range adjustment) available for eligible non-exclusively represented classified staff employees would be 1.5 percent, effective Oct. 1, 1995. Thus employees who formerly had a merit increase date of July 1 will receive their merit increases effective Jan. 1, 1996; employees who formerly had a merit increase date of Jan. 1 will receive their merit increases effective July 1, 1996.

In addition, merit increases for eligible classified staff would be awarded on the same schedule (six-month delay) as last year.

Six-month, casual, and casual-restricted increases would also be delayed six months from the date they previously would have been awarded.

Funding for employee incentive awards has been allocated on a permanent basis to each campus in the form of a block grant covering the Classified Staff, A&PS and MAP programs. Further information will be forthcoming on the campus's Distinguished Service Award program.

An additional set-aside from general increase funds to augment the Incentive Award fund pool is not planned in 1995-96.

For exclusively represented employees, range adjustments are subject to meeting and conferring in accordance with the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

For these employees, merit increases and incentive awards are subject to the terms of existing collective bargaining agreements. Where no collective bargaining agreement is yet in effect, as in the Technical Unit, salary actions are subject to meeting and conferring under the act.

Comments on the proposed salary plans should be sent in writing to Alice Gregory, Director of Human Resources, 207 University Hall #3540, or email agregory@uclink by Sept. 5.


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